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If you need help with college applications/FAFSA/ or scholarships, come to College Club on Thursdays 4:00PM - 5:00PM 

If you need an OFFICIAL transcript sent, go to your Naviance account under your Colleges
I’m Applying to section. The college must be listed here for Sequoia to send the transcript.
Most transcripts requests at this time should be for out of state public universities that are
not on the Common Application.
Transcripts for Scholarships are also requested on Naviance.
Remember UC, CSU, and Common Application schools do not need to be requested on
  • Common Application schools are sent automatically by your counselor from your
    Pink Sheet when they send your School Report
  • UC do not require until you are admitted and attending in June
  • CSU do not need them when you apply (some schools ask for them 2 nd semester)
    It can take up to five school work days to send a transcript after requested!
A. Please take your time on your applications; it is way more important to get in a perfect application rather
than an early application. You need to take your time and make sure you have correct information.
B. I will start reading personal statements this week. I will be sending students’ audio links through your
Sequoia email.
C. Honors Section – Make sure you check your Naviance resume to remember any past honors during your high school career. If you had a weighted 3.8 GPA during any semester, you were on Honor Roll. Also,
don’t forget to add Department Honors, CSF Membership and any National Merit Honors.

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College Coursework Entry - If a high school student has completed a College course that will appear on a College Transcript, the course must be reported on the Colleges Attended and Transcript entry screen. The course must be matched to an A-G category on the A-G Matching screen. If the course(s) show on both the High School and College transcript the coursework should not be entered twice and should only be entered on the College Transcript Entry. This will ensure that the CSU campus will request the College transcript, and that the High School GPA calculation will include the appropriate bump.


The UC application is an opportunity for students to convey information about their accomplishments,
individuality and context. To assist students through the application process, UC has created a freshman
presentation which provides guidance on how to thoroughly and accurately represent the students' academic and extracurricular achievements.
"Presenting yourself in the UC Application"  
Insight questions videos from Office of University of California
How to answer UC's Personal Insight Questions - YouTube
Another great resource to understand what the UCs are looking for in an applicant is Be Berkeley
Even if you are not planning on applying to Berkeley, the site sends you great help on understanding the
application for example “What Leaderships Looks Like”


Make sure the dates listed are correct on your "Colleges I’m Applying" to list. If there is no date or the date is incorrect please email Ms. Ignaitis right away.
If you remove a college that was listed on your Pink Sheet, immediately email your counselor and teachers the change. If you are taking a college course as a senior that is not listed on your transcript, list the course on your additional information section on the Common Application.