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SAT Reasons and SAT Subject Area Exams are required for most private colleges.
Signing Up for the SAT (Three Steps)
PART I: Signing Up for the SAT
To sign up for the SAT you need to go sign on to your CollegeBoard account (or create one).
HINT: The name you use for this account is the name you will use for all your college applications. It is difficult to change your name on CollegeBoard, MAKE SURE IT IS CORRECT.
HINT: Make your password the same as your Naviance password if possible - ALSO as soon as you make the account go on to your Naviance account and complete a quick survey to save your CollegeBoard username and password. Go to About Me tab and click on CollegeBoard Account listed under Surveys to Take on the left side column. Once you complete a survey it will appear in Completed Surveys in case you forget (MANY DO)

Click on SAT Home
Click on Register Now
Click on either Sign In or Sign Up
Then start the registration process
PART II: Fee Waiver Instructions for SAT(free/reduced lunch, AVID, Upward Bound students)
While you're an 11th and 12th grader in high school, you can use two fee waivers for the SAT Reasoning and two fee waivers for the SAT Subject Tests. If you fail to  show for the exam or need to make changes on the date, you will lose your fee waiver! it is important to make it a priority and follow all CollegeBoard directions about what to bring and do as well as figure out a way to get to the testing site long before the day of the test. 
To get a fee waiver, pick up a waiver form from the College and Career Center and returned to the Parent Center (Rm. 129) and an email will be sent to Ignaitis that states you have free or reduced lunch.
Don't wait until the last day!
Sign on to and go to SAT Registration

You can use the waiver for either SAT Reasoning Test or SAT Subject Tests
SAT Reasoning is one day (four hour exam)
SAT Subject Tests you can take up to three exams (each exam is 1 hr)

When it asks if you want the answer for an additional fee, click YES (it is free)
Use the whole CODE starting with 052605 (handwritten) and the letters/numbers.
Keep the fee waiver for your records. You might need later!!
PART III: Sending Scores
Send scores for UCs and CSUs.

For CSU:
You can send them to CSU Apply and they will go to ALL CSUs!!!
In the Send Scores section, go to the right corner of the page and click on More Search Option. A small box will appear and put the following code in the space: 3594. 
A box will appear "csuapplylongbeach" 
This will save you money it is free at this point but most schools do not want them.

For UC:
Send them to one UC and all will go to all!