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Welcome to Sequoia High School Athletics

Dear Sequoia High School Community,

Sequoia High school fields over 44 teams and competes primarily in the Peninsula Athletic League. Girls Lacrosse competes in the West Bay Athletic League. The vast majority of our teams compete in the upper division in their respective leagues and qualify for team and/or individual playoffs. We encourage multi-sport athletes, our hope is that our athletes represent the school in multiple sports and each sport supports this goal. Seasons will overlap and due to our success many athletes will be in playoffs for their current sport as the next season starts. Those athletes are guaranteed a tryout for the next sport however they do need to communicate with both coaches so that this can be facilitated.

I hope you enjoy the excitement of high school athletics when you come out to see the purple and white in action. I hope you cheer hard for Sequoia and the athletes. I also hope that you will join Sequoia High School, the players, the coaches, the Administration, opposing teams, and officials in promoting good sportsmanship and respect for all involved in the contests. Sequoia fully supports the CIF 'Pursuing Victory with Honor' Program and is an active participant.

Thanks for taking pride in Sequoia High School Athletics. WE ARE...SEQUOIA!

Melissa Schmidt
Athletic Director

New and/or Incoming 9th Graders (Getting Cleared for Athletics)

In order to participate, you must complete your online clearance and turn in a physical (this can also be submitted online). You cannot participate in any contests (games or scrimmages) if you are not eligible from the previous grading period (summer school grades can be used for spring classes and must be the same class otherwise it will be added to the overall computation of the GPA). All freshmen are exempt from this rule until 1st quarter grades are finalized if they started their freshman year at Sequoia. New students who are coming from another high school must complete special CIF Transfer papers and make an appointment with Melissa Schmidt-- the Athletic Director. Please contact her at 367.9780 ext. 63703 or

Athletic Clearance Packets

Sequoia has transitioned to an online clearance system. Please click on the link below to begin the process

TRANSFER STUDENTS - If you have transferred to Sequoia from another school you need to fill out additional forms for the CCS in order to be eligible to compete. See the AD or AVP as soon as possible! The process takes some time.

District deadlines are firm. These are the last days to get cleared to participate. Also, remember that tryouts are prior to these dates in most cases. Please get cleared early, not late.

Fall Sports clearance - Thursday, August 4th, 2016

Winter Sports clearance - Monday October 24th, 2016

Spring Sports clearance - Monday January 23rd, 2017
  • Sequoia Online Athletic Clearance
    All athletes are being asked to complete their athletic clearance online. Please click on the link to begin. Contact Melissa Schmidt, Athletic Director, with any questions.

CIF Parent Code -- Sportsmanship

At Sequoia High School, we believe in athletics as a means for learning positive life-lessons. We ask all players, parents and fans to exhibit good sportsmanship at all times.

Simply put:
Let the coaches coach
Let the players play
Let the referees ref

Let the fans and parents root for their team!

We believe in "Pursuing Victoy with Honor" and follow the CIF values for sportsmanship:







Let's be great role models for the students. Go Sequoia and we will see you at a future game.

Sequoia Athletics - On Campus Staff

Click the name to send an email message:
Schmidt, Melissa
Athletic Director
Ext. 63703

Kuliga, Michael
AVP - Athletics
Ext. 60032

Poulos, Rob
Varsity Football Head Coach
Ext. 69690

Lauese, Fine
Boys Varsity Basketball Head Coach
Ext. 63702

Uhalde, Corey
Varsity Baseball Head Coach
Ext. 65358

Farris, Cameron
Varsity Football Assistant Coach
Ext. 69611

Schmidt, Melissa
Varsity Girls Soccer Head Coach
Ext. 69689

Peters, Elizabeth
JV Girls Soccer Head Coach
Ext. 69637

Stafford, Allison
JV Swim Coach
Ext. 69603

Brand, David
JV Girls Basketball Coach
Ext. 69623

Howard, Kayla
Varsity Cheer Coach
Ext. 69630

Thayer, Lance
Assistant Cross Country Coach/Head Track & Field Coach
Ext. 69655

Off Campus Coaches

Boys Water Polo - Francisco Andaluz,

Girls Water Polo - Rob Griffin,

Freshmen Football - Jim Stubblefield,

JV Football- Mike Doyle,

Boys Tennis - Phil McKenney,

Varsity Volleyball - Felipe Gonzalez, 

Cross Country - Bruce Wernick,

Varsity Girls Basketball - Nicholas McCullar,

Wrestling - John Peavler,

Varsity Softball -Mike Davis,

Boys & Girls Golf - Gary Sowers,

Girls Lacrosse - Kate Tarr,

Boys Lacrosse - Nathan Board ,

Badminton - Samir Bisteni,

Boys Soccer - Kevin Huber,

Girls Tennis - Vern Leslie,

Game Day Tips for Parents

Before the Game

Tell your child you are proud of him or her, regardless of how well he or she plays.
Tell your child to play hard and have fun. Remind him or her that it's okay to be nervouse ("nervous is normal")
Make a commitment to yourself to Honor the Game no matter what others may do.

During the Game

Let the coaches coach. Avoid giving your child (or other players) advice during the game.
Fill your child's (and teammates') Emotional Tank.
Cheer good plays and good efforts by both teams.
Mention good calls by the officials to others.
Remember to have fun! Enjoy the day.

After the Game

Thank the officials for doing a difficult job.
Thank the coaches for their effort.
Let your child tell you about the game (avoid giving your post-game analysis unless asked).
Ask open-ended questions: "What was the most/least enjoyable part of the game?" "What did you learn from the game?"
Tell your child again that you are proud of him or her! (especially if the game didn't go well)

Sequoia Athletics Profile

Athletic Participation Data
Male Female Total
Athletes 290 253 543
Student Population 1040 1012 2052
Number of Sports Teams Offered
Male Female Coed Total
Frosh 2 0 0 2
Frosh/Soph or JV 5 5 3 13
Varsity 8 8 5 21

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