This Is What You Must Do BEFORE Setting up Meeting to Submit an ACT Accommodation Request 

You can also watch this How To short Video 

ACT Accommodation Requests
The process is a little different than SAT in that you need to register for the exam FIRST and request accommodations. 
You will be told to contact Ms. Ignaitis to set up a meeting AFTER you gather and send me all of your documents ACT Website for Requesting Accommodations - read and understand 
Minimum Requirement for All Accommodations Requests Through Sequoia
Consent Form 
Teacher Survey on Classroom Behavior (at least one) Email the teacher this form directly or print and give to in person
Copy of 504 (or other formal plan)
After you understand the process, have gathered all the documentation you want to submit, complete the following forms (cut and pasted from the actual submission site)        
What is the documented disability?
What accommodations are you requesting?
AFTER you gather all your documentation,send one email with the documents as pdf versions to either Ms Ignaitis (A-L) or Ms Yeager (M-Z) to set up a Zoom meeting to submit the request. 
The process needs to be started well before the deadline