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The California Scholarship Federation (CSF) emphasizes high standards of scholarship and community service for California high school students. For families that do not know about CSF, it is basically a state-wide honor roll organization. The word scholarship has to do with academic performance NOT SCHOLARSHIP MONEY. If you have at least 4 semester from 10-12th grade, you are NOW a Life Member (one of the semesters MUST be during your senior year). 
9th graders can join and be honorary members. 
If you want to learn more about CSF and its purpose please go to their website.
Chapter 94's CSF Application Period Now Open for SPRING 2021 Grades DUE: September 16, 2021 at 3:45 No Late Exceptions!

Completing the Application 

DUE: Sept 16th at 3:45 – Don’t Wait! No Late Exceptions! 
Only Students can complete and submit the CSF Application.  (STUDENTS if you have questions please come to College and Career Center/Room 115 or email Ms. Ignaitis at
CSF applications are available here OR in the bin outside the College and Career Center/ Room 115.
The submitted application packet must include:
1. A completed CSF application
2. $5.00 application fee in cash or a check made payable to Sequoia High School
3. A copy of the previous semester report card or transcript- A transcript can be obtained through a student’s Infinite Campus account(Report tab). Please DO NOT GO TO THE GUIDANCE OFFICE FOR YOUR TRANSCRIPT!
Submit to the College and Career Center/Room 115 by 3:45 September 16, 2021
You can only use 5 courses per semester
You need at least 10 points
You can add an extra point for up to two IB/AP (AS Chemistry too) courses for a TOTAL of 2 extra points
You cannot have any D/Fs during this grading period
7 points must come from LIST 1 and 2
3 points for an A and 1 point for a B
An Example
IB English – A – 4 points (1st extra point for an IB course)
IB World Topics – B – 2 points (2nd extra point for an IB course) – limit for extra points
IB Physics – A – 3 points
AVID – B – 1 point
NOTE: All points can come from LIST 1