General Tips

If you need help with college applications/FAFSA/ or scholarships, come to College Club on Tuesdays 4:00PM - 5:00PM 

Transcripts Information
1. You must report any Ds or Fs on your 7 semester transcripts OR changes in course work you reported on your application. Either call or email to find out what the procedure for each specific school
IF you do not do this step and you are admitted, your admission will likely be taken away if you decide to go there, when they require your final transcripts
2. Every school needs your SAT/ACT scores. If you sent them over a month ago and you receive a notice about sending your scores, call them immediately. It sometimes takes a while for a school to update its information.
3. Check your Transcript on Infinite Campus (Reports tab). If there is a mistake, email your counselor as soon as possible.  We will be sending out 7 semester transcripts starting Jan 22.
4. Mid-Year Reports include the 7 Semester Transcript.
1. All self-reported test scores MUST be sent to each campus.
a. Check the individual campus for due dates and to see that they have been received
b. Check the chart in the reminders on how to send scores to UCs and CSUs


2. Check your emails and respond to any requests at LEAST once a week
3. If you were ask to set up a portal, make sure you sign in at LEAST once a week and look at your To
Do List and quickly respond/complete any requests
4. Make sure all of your colleges are listed on Naviance – Colleges I’m Applying To
5. IF you need a transcript sent to a non-Common Application school;
a. CSU- send Ignaitis an email with a screen shot of the request
b. Out of state public school, after you have added it to your Colleges I’m Applying to list, send Ignaitis an email requesting a transcript
6. Remember to add the colleges to both Naviance and the Common Application (if appropriate) as well.
a. It does not matter if you add colleges – the letter and documents are already completed but we need to be informed!  Naviance does not provide us with updates; it is up to the student.
7. If you remove a school, email your counselor, the teachers writing your LORs, and Ms Ignaitis
8. Congratulations!
a. If you commit to a school, please tell ALL other colleges to withdraw your applications.
i. Look on each website for directions
b. For UCs, see the attached form for what to do for a specific campus.
Tips on Applying

Tips_on_Applying iconTips on Applyingtitle


Transcripts for CSU
IF you received a message from a CSU that states you need to send your 7th semester transcript, email a screenshot of the message to Giulia Solari  in order to get your transcript request.
Make sure all your CSUs are listed on your “Colleges I’m Applying To”. There is a five school day turn around.
Not every student needs to send transcripts
Sending Scores
Send to one CSU and all CSUs will receive automatically. Each sitting for the exam needs to be sent individually
Click on “more search options” put in code 3594 and all CSUs will receive. Send the last SAT exam you took and the colleges will receive all your past SAT exams.
If you need help, please come to the College and Career Center ASAP.


Campus specific admission practicesUC-Campus-Selection-Major-Information.pdf
Instructions for cancelling or withdrawing an application
Each campus has specific instructions for cancelling or withdrawing and application, which can be found at the link below.
Changes in Application?
If there are changes to other sections of your application. Minor changes to your activities, awards, volunteer work, employment or personal statement are unlikely to have an impact on your admission decision. However, if you have significant updates in any of these areas, you may notify the UC Application Center
Postal mail:
UC Application Center
P.O. Box 1432
Bakersfield, CA 93302


Transcripts and Mid-Year Reports (MYR) Information
Transcripts will be ready by 
All MYR will be completed by Feb 1st
Common Application Schools Require a Mid-Year Report (MYR) Information
Most MYR include only your new GPA and 7th semester transcripts. They also include any change in course work listed on your School Report (SR).
MYRs will be sent automatically if you requested a SR through Naviance. 
If you need to speak to your counselor about your grades or some personal situation that should be included in your MYR, please make an appointment right away
If you had a school report sent to a non- Common Application college, send an email to your counselor ASAP, if a MYR is required

Community College

Application Tips to Applying Online to Canada/CSM/Skyline 
Applying to Community College is free. 
New User or Log On on cccapply? If you have never applied for concurrent enrollment, create a new account.  Concurrent enrollment students already have an account. For help creating an account click here: 

Term you are applying for? Summer/Fall 2021

Major? No undecided. You must Pick anything close to an interest.

Social Security Number?  Need to have SSN when applying. IF You don’t have one leave blank. 

Dependency Status? Most will check - I am under 19 years old and none of the above are true about me.  Meaning you are dependent on your parent/guardian(s)

Independent if - living on your own (emancipated means court order independence from legal guardian)

Enrollment Status? First-time student in college (after leaving high school)

High School Education Level?  Received high school diploma on 6/4/2021

Citizenship Status If you are a nonresident without immigration status check “Other” & get from us an AB540 form to submit. If you are a permanent resident or other than a US Citizen (You will need either your Alien registration number or Visa issue type, and expiration dates). 
General Steps to Apply to Community College 

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