How-To Videos: 

How to Request a Transcript for a College, Scholarship or Program on Naviance (2nd Semester 2022)
How to Sign up for a College Visit at Sequoia
How to add "Colleges I'm Applying To" on Naviance and Which Colleges Need Transcript Requests and Which Do Not 
How to Upload your Personal Statement to Naviance
How to Access Scholarships in Naviance
How to Apply for the Class of 2023 Sequoia Senior Scholarship (available in January)

Senior PART I: How to Update Colleges I'm Applying to BEFORE Completing the Mandatory Class of 2022 Senior Exit Survey

Senior PART II:  How to Complete the Mandatory Class of 2022 Senior Exit Survey/Request Final Transcript (Available in May) 

How to Use Naviance SuperMatch College Search
SR/LOR Form:
  • How to Complete the Teacher LOR Survey & Counselor SR/LOR Survey on Naviance 
  • How to fill out side 2 of the SR/LOR Form & General Overview of the SR/LOR Form
  • How to look up Scholarships/Student Opportunities
  • How to sign up for a College Visit at Sequoia
Common Application:
  • How to Create a Common Application Account & Matching your Naviance Account (Includes FERPA Information)
  • How to add Current High School Courses at Sequoia
    • FROM COMMON APP WEBSITE: That is correct, only classes that award high school credit should be inputted in the "Current Classes" section. The student may elaborate on non-high school credit courses in the "Additional Information" prompt within the "Writing" section of the Common App tab.
  • How to add in IB exams and Should I add my SAT or ACT tests here?  If you add your SAT/ACT, you need to send them through College Board and/or ACT
  • How to add in Courses & Grades on Common App (updated Sept 2022)
      • FROM COMMON APP WEBSITE: When high school students simultaneously take college courses through a college or university, this is known as dual enrollment. For Courses & Grades, only courses receiving high school credit (i.e. appearing on your high school transcript) should be reported in this section. If you are not receiving high school credit for the course, you do not need to report this course in Courses & Grades.
  • How to report a college concurrent enrollment course (updated Sept 2022)
  • How to add a summer school or middle school math course (updated Sept 2022)
  • How to request "Other Recommender" Letter on Common App and Naviance
  • Should I apply Early Action/Early Decision
California State University Application (CSUApply):

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Where do I find information about volunteer opportunities for students? 
A: In the College & Career weekly newsletter in the Scholarship & Student Opportunities page
Q: Where can I find scholarship information?
A: In the weekly email, in the Scholarship Page
Q: How do I sign up for College Application Workshops and/or Visits? 
A:  Check out the Naviance Page for step-by-step instructions