Monthly Scholarship/Contest List:

Click the PDF link below to view a list of scholarships for this month then login to your Naviance account to apply:


If you find a scholarship you are interested in and want the link to the website or more information be sure to log in to your Naviance account, under the College tab click on Scholarships and Money, then Scholarship list, and put the name of the scholarship in the search box, then click on the name of scholarship.
Watch this 'How To Access Scholarships in Naviance' video for additional help!

Student Opportunities:

Click the PDF link below to view a list of Student Opportunities:
October 2023 Student Opportunities 

Nominations for Programs and Scholarships

Various programs and scholarships have a nomination process in order to be able to apply.  Complete this form three weeks prior to the nomination deadline if you would like to be nominated for a program or scholarship.
A complete list of scholarships is available on Naviance: