How to Get Accommodations From College Board (SAT/PSAT) - New Process 11/2023

From College Board Services for Students with Disabilities.  
Yes, you can direct families to the website, If we can be of further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to call 1-212-713-8333 or visit our website at

How to Get ACT Accommodation

Understand, even if you have accommodations through a 504 or IEP, a student must get approved accommodations for ACT Exams
Since this is an outside agency, it is the family’s responsibility to read, understand and gather all required documentation.

Minimum requirement for all accommodation requests through Sequoia:
Parental Release Form 
Copy of 504 (or other formal plan)
Teacher Survey on Classroom Behavior (at least one) Email the teacher this form directly (This is from College Board but ACT will use it too)
AFTER you gather all your documentation,send one email with the documents as pdf versions to either Ms Ignaitis (A-L) or Ms Yeager (M-Z) to set up a Zoom meeting to submit the request. 
The process needs to be started well before the deadline