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General Announcements 

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General Announcements 

2021-22 Academic Year Add/Drop Course Dates
1st semester
9/22 last day to add/drop without penalty on transcript
11/10 last day to drop with penalty on transcript
Deadline to drop IB Class in a TESTING year: 11/1
Penalty on transcript= withdraw pass grade (no impact on GPA) or withdraw fail grade on transcript (does impact GPA- treated as F).
Mental Health Resources from the TRC and Counseling
English (click here)
Spanish (click here)
Mindfulness Wednesdays
Join Ms. Judy from the Teen Resource Center (TRC) for 15 minutes of Mindfulness on Wednesdays!
When: Every Wednesday, starting this Wednesday, 9/23!
Time: 12pm until 12:15pm
Students from all grade levels welcome.
Practice breathing exercises and guided visualizations!
November Announcements

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November Announcements

Deadlines to drop a class has passed.
Please see you counselor for more information.