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Academic Development

Our Academic Goal 

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Our Academic Goal 

Sequoia High School has a college going culture and no matter where students start as 9th graders; we plan to help students become eligible to apply to a 4-year college upon graduation and help them explore their options. We meet with all students during the spring semester for the next school year’s course selection in a classroom setting, followed by a short individual appointment.
Course Selection Planning

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Course Selection Planning

We encourage students and families to look over Sequoia's Program Planning Handbook for help with planning courses for following years and course descriptions.
Planning with Students
Counselors meet with students at every grade level in the fall and in the spring. Below are the presentations given to every student followed by individual appointments in the spring as well. 
Academic Resources

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Academic Resources

- Provides tutoring, mental health, and other services at the BGCP Clubhouse near Hoover Elementary 
- Future Grads: supports students to and through college. If you are interested contact Adrian Delgadillo 
- 9th Grade Success Program: one-on-one mentoring, after school tutoring, and workshops for parents. If you are interested contact Jonathan Hooker
- Provides students the necessary preparation and opportunity to enter post secondary education and promote education, diversity, and community.
- The Teen Center provides homework help, tutoring, job search, and college planning. Monday- Thursday 1pm-9pm Fridays 1pm-5pm and weekends 10am- 5pm. 
  • Math Tutorials at Sequoia
- Monday- Thursday during 7th period in Room A5 (Mon & Weds) and Room 216 (Tues &Thurs)
- Tuesday Night Math Tutorial
     - Pre-Calc, Calc, IB HL: Tuesdays from 4-7pm in Room A5
     - Algebra, Geo, and Algebra II: Tuesdays 4-5pm in Room 212
- Wednesday Math Tutorial from 3:45- 5:45 in Room 216
  • ELD Tutoring
- Wednesdays 7:30- 8:15am in Room 206 and 3:45-5:45pm in Room 201
  • General Tutorials at Sequoia
- Learning Center: Monday-Friday 7:15- 8:15am and 3:45-5:45pm
- Upward Bound Tutoring: Monday- Friday 3:45- 6pm in Room 248 for more information contact Maria Huning
  • Credit Recovery Programs
- Cyber High (online): contact your counselor to complete an application. For students already taking a Cyber High class contact Mr. Calles
- Summer School: contact your counselor for more information.
- AVID is a program designed to help students in the middle prepare for and succeed in colleges and universities. For more information contact Tessa Yeager 
- For 9th and 10th grade students. BUILD uses entrepreneurship to ignite the potential of youth in under-resourced communities and propel them through high school to college and career success. If you are interested in BUILD contact Kim Vinh or Ms. Vlahakos