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Class of '15 - Senior Panoramic

ASB - Post Winter '15 Rally

Sequoia 2016 Winter Rally

Sequoia 2016 Winter Rally

Dance Team in Sequoia 2016 Winter Rally

Band in the Sequoia 2016 Winter Rally

Upcoming EventsTop of Page

  • Tuesday May 24th - IB Reception
  • Wednesday May 25th -  BUILD Ceremony
  • Thursday May 26th - Spring Sports Awards
  • Friday May 27- 2nd Annual Lip Dub
  • Monday May 30th - Memorial Day No School
  • Tuesday May 31st - HCA Graduation

ASB ClassTop of Page

The ASB class meets regularly during the school day at Sequoia HS. The class is made up of ASB officers (elected by the student body) and VIP members, appointed by the ASB advisor. Reponsibilities of the ASB class include, but are not limited to:

  • Ensuring all student activities operate in accordance with the SEQ ASB Constitution
  • Raising funds for the ASB account
  • Sponsoring and operating student events (Dances, Food Fairs, etc)
  • Informing the student body of upcoming and ongoing occurrences
  • Facilitating channels of communication between the student body and the Sequoia faculty
  • Representing the interests of the student body whenever appropriate


ASB Officers (2015-2016)

  • ASB President - Brianna Rosales
  • ASB Vice President - Shayan Weera
  • ASB Secretary - Leah King
  • ASB Treasurer - Katie Uthman
You can visit the ASB Website Here

Dance InformationTop of Page

All Sequoia dances are sponsored by ASB

Guests may attend both the Winter Formal and Homecoming dances provided a Guest Pass is properly obtained at least two days prior to the dance. Guest Request Forms (Guest Passes) may be picked up in the AVP office, and require the signature of both the Sequoia student's parents and the Vice Principal of the guest's school. Passes are valid pending the approval of the SHS administration.

  • Students should dress appropriately for all dances.
  • The doors for the dance close 1 hour after opening.
  • If students are not in by the time the doors close, they will not be allowed into the dance.
  • Tickets for all dances are on sale two-weeks prior to the dance.
  • Checks are not accepted
  • Students must not have any fines, must not be on the No Privileges list, and show a current student ID card to purchase tickets.
  • Please note: No Refunds


Students should remember that all school rules apply at all dances, both on and off campus. We want everyone who attends the dances to have a good time and the above rules are in force to facilitate just that. Students are expected to dance appropriately at all times. Students who refuse to follow the rules at the dance may be asked to leave. A refund will not be provided for students who are asked to leave a dance.

Please note that students who are on the "No Privileges List" will not be permitted to dances, or any school-sponsored event, other than their assigned classes.


2015-2016 Dance Dates

  • Homecoming - Saturday, October 24 (Sequoia High School)
  • Winter Formal - Saturday, January 16 (Fox Theater, RWC)
  • Prom - Saturday, May 14 (Hyatt Regency Hotel, SF)

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