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IB Summer Assignments 2020

IB English Year 1 (incoming 11th)

 Click here for Two Kinds by Amy Tan
Click here for Désirée’s Baby by Kate Chopin
Click here for the summer assignment

IB English Year 2 (incoming 12th)

IB Bio Year 1 (incoming 11th)

Click here for the website with the IB Biology Year 1 summer assignment. If it is not yet posted, please check back later. 

IB Enviro Systems & Soc. (ESS)

Click here to go to the website with the ESS Summer Assignment

IB French Year 4 & 5 (both incoming 11th & 12th)

Read and listen to French for 20 minutes daily.

IB Visual Arts Year 1

Click here for a recording of the Incoming IB Art Meeting that was recorded
Click here for the Artist To Research slide show
Click here for the IB Art Journals- Where to Find Them 

IB Visual Arts Year 2 (incoming 12th)

IB Bio Year 2 (incoming 12th)

Click here to visit Ms. Thomas's website. She will post the summer assignment here. If it is not yet posted, please check back later.

IB Business & Management

Click here for your summer assignment
Hello IB students. Not all IB courses have summer assignments. Please click on the tabs below for the IB courses you are enrolled in next year to access the summer assignment.