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Social Studies

The Social Studies department aims to provide the highest level of opportunities for all of our students. We strive to develop skills in the following areas, as well as many others.

  • Advanced Writing Skills
  • Critical Thinking
  • Technological Fluency
  • Primary and Secondary Sources
  • Research Methods
  • Interactive Education
Courses Offered at SHS

Courses_Offered_at_SHS iconCourses Offered at SHStitle

9th Grade
  • Life Skills
  • World Studies 1-2
10th Grade
  • Modern European History (MEH)
  • ICAP Modern European History
  • LEP Modern European History
11th Grade
  • US History
  • LEP US History
  • IB History of the Americas
12th Grade
  • Government
  • LEP Government
  • Economics
  • LEP Economics
  • IB World History Topics
  • IB Psychology
  • IB Business Management
Social Studies Staff

Social_Studies_Staff icon
Social Studies Staff

You may contact any member of the Social Studies Department by one of the following methods:

  • Dialing the school phone number at 650.367.9780 and the extension for the teacher you wish to contact.
  • Emailing the teacher by hitting the email link below. 
Click the name to send an email message:
Economics, World Studies, AVID II
Ext.  69603
Banister, Kathleen
IB History of the Americas, US History, DAA US History
Ext. 69668

Bliss, Danny   -  Department Chair
IB World History Topics, MEH and ICAP MEH
Ext. 69621
Cespedes, Erin
IB Psychology, IB Business Management, and AVID I
Ext. 69640
Cuffman, Lydia
IB History of the Americas and World Studies 1-2
Ext. 69682
Modern Euro History
Ext. 69677
HCA MEH and HCA Gov/Econ
Ext 69125

Henderson, Taja
DAA Academy MEH and DAA Gov/Econ
Ext. 69709
HCA US History, MEH, and ICAP MEH
Ext. 69117
World Studies, Modern Euro History
Ext. 63107
Modern Euro History, World Studies
Ext. 69683
World Studies I-2 and Gov/Econ
Ext. 69160
World Studies 1-2 and LEP MEH
Ext. 69253
World Studies 1-2 and MEH
Ext. 69255
Weyant, David
IB Psychology, IB Business Management, and BUILD
Ext. 69626

Yeager, Teresa
IB History of the Americas and LEP Gov/Econ
Ext. 69711

Zarcone, Karin
IB World History Topics and LEP MEH
Ext. 69664