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We are proud of our technology infused, lab-based, hands-on curriculum. As a collaborating team we work tirelessly to align all of our courses to the Sequoia District Standards, the California State and National Standards. We offer an array of courses to meet the educational needs of our diverse student body including International Baccalaureate Physics and Environmental Sciences courses, as well as LEP courses in Advanced Integrated Science and Biology.

Nos sentimos orgullosos de nuestro programa de estudio infundido con tecnología basada en trabajo de laboratorio y experiencias prácticas. Como equipo de colaboración trabajamos incansablemente para alinear todos nuestros cursos a las Normas del distrito Sequoia, del estado de California y nacionales. Ofrecemos una variedad de cursos que satisfacen las necesidades educativas de nuestro diverso cuerpo estudiantil, incluyendo el Bachillerato Internacional de cursos de Física y Ciencias del Medioambiente, así como también cursos LEP de Ciencia Integrada Avanzada y Biología. 

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We would love to answer any questions or concerns that you may have about the science department at Sequoia High School. Staff members can be reached by dialing 650.367.9780 and the extension listed below for the teacher or by clicking on their email link.
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What are you doing this summer?

Use your time off from school over the summer to explore career interests and make yourself a more competitive applicant for college, scholarships, and jobs.

Programs from Stanford

Stanford SMASH

Free summer residential STEM program for under-represented 9th graders. Must have strong math skills.

Register by Saturday Feb 15. Application is due March 1

Unpaid internships

Workshops and Seminars

Stanford RISE Summer Internship Program

The RISE (Raising Interest in Science and Engineering) Summer Internship Program for HS Students is sponsored by the Office of Science Outreach. It’s an intensive 7-week summer program for local Bay Area students (living within 25-mile radius of campus) interested in science, engineering, math, computer science, or psychology. Students spend 30 hours a week on the Stanford campus, working in an active research lab under the guidance of a mentor from the lab (typically a graduate student), and attending weekly group sessions that include field trips, presentations, hands-on science activities, and lab tours.

RISE is designed for bright low income students and those who will be the first in their families to attend college.

Stanford Earth Sciences High School Internship Program

At the School of Earth Sciences, high school students spend the summer working in different laboratories. The students work on existing research projects in geology and environmental sciences, and are supervised directly by graduate students, post docs and lab managers. This program enables graduate students to serve as supervisors, prepares high schools students for college and serves to strengthen the connections between Stanford and local high schools. In 2013 we began offering two different programs – the general internships and the history of life internships. Please see the program website to learn about the different options in Earth sciences. The high school internship program is an annual program and will be offered. The application is released in late January and is due March.

Stanford Explore: A Lecture Series on Biomedical Research

The Stanford Explore Lecture Series is an exploratory series covering the basic fundamentals and current research areas represented by the five Institutes of the Stanford School of Medicine (Immunology, Neuroscience, Cardiovascular Medicine, Regenerative and Stem Cell Medicine, and Cancer Biology) as well as research areas in Bioengineering and Genetics. Stanford graduate students and postdoctoral fellows will teach many of the lectures with some of the lectures taught by select Faculty. There will also be special seminars that will include topics such as health issues currently faced around the world.

Although the main focus of the series is didactic lectures similar to what students will be exposed to in college, students will also have opportunities to experience several hands-on demonstrations and simulation labs at Stanford. Furthermore, there will also be opportunities to participate in lunch discussions with college, graduate school and medical school students to learn about the application process as well as to learn about what their experiences have been like. The schedule is 9am-12pm daily (except on Mondays and Fridays—the session will end at 1pm including lunch that is provided). We encourage you to sign up for all 4 weeks but you may also sign up for just 1, 2 or 3 weeks.

Stanford Institutes of Medicine Summer Research Program (SIMR)

The program is an eight-week program in which high school students from diverse backgrounds are invited to perform basic research with Stanford faculty, postdoctoral fellows, students and researchers on a medically-oriented project. The goals of the program include increasing interest in biological sciences and medicine in high school students, helping students to understand how scientific research is performed, and increasing diversity of students and researchers in the sciences.

Academic Talent Development Program

ATDP’s Secondary Division, administered through UC Berkeley’s Graduate School of Education, offers challenging courses to highly motivated students who have completed grades 7-11 (and are entering grades 8-12). Students are invited to attend the program on the basis of exceptional academic talent.

Classes are held on the UC Berkeley campus

COSMOS at various UC campuses or

COSMOS is an intensive four-week summer residential program for students who have demonstrated an aptitude for academic and professional careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects. Talented and motivated students completing grades 8-12 have the opportunity to work with renowned faculty, researchers and scientists in state-of-the-art facilities, while exploring advanced STEM topics far beyond the courses usually offered in California high schools. Through challenging curriculum that is both hands-on and lab intensive, COSMOS fosters its students’ interests, skills, and awareness of educational and career options in STEM fields.

YSP at Davis

Canada College Programs for High School Students

Cañada College has a number of programs designed to provide unique opportunities for students, allowing them to focus full-time on their studies and fully benefit from a support system provided through The STEM Center at Cañada College. Programs for college students aim to increase student success by providing tutoring, Academic Excellence Workshops, peer mentoring, scholarships and internships. Additionally, students are engaged in leadership development, scientific seminars, and field trips to industry and 4-year universities.

Summer Engineering Institute

Summer Engineering Institute is a two-week residential summer camp at San Francisco State University designed to provide real-world context to the study of engineering through practical, applied and hands-on problem solving and design-oriented projects.

Summer Math Jam

Math Jam is a free one-week intensive preparation for the Math Placement Test for incoming students who have not yet taken the math placement test or would like to improve their math placement test result. It is designed especially for students who placed into a college math course below pre-calculus and who want to advance to the next math level by scoring higher on the Math Placement Test at the end of Math Jam. The goal of Math Jam is to help students complete their Associates Degree and/or transfer requirements for a 4-year college/university in less time than previously possible.

Summer Physics Jam

Physics Jam is a free, self-paced, intensive, and fun four-week preparation for Calculus-based Physics 1 for students intending to major in Science, Technology, Engineering, or Mathematics (STEM) fields. The program is designed to prepare students who will be taking Calculus-based Physics 1 in the future and provide an intensive review for students who are moving onto a higher level Physics.

Summer STEM Institute

The Cañada College STEM Institute is a 4 week program for current high school freshman and sophomores interested in exploring careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) through hands on projects, classroom/lab instruction, speakers, on campus field trips and workshops in Chemistry, Computer Information Science, Earth Science, Engineering and Math. Participants will engage in activities involving individual and group projects, participate in recreational activities and learn about on campus resources.

- See more at:

Biotechnology Pathways Program out of San Mateo High School

Arthritis Foundation Summer Science Internship Program

The Arthritis Foundation Summer Science Internship Program places outstanding high school and college students in the world renowned Rheumatology and Immunology Laboratories at Stanford University and the University of California, San Francisco.

Through this internship students receive hands-on experience in the fields of rheumatology and immunology, with a focus on arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. Interns participate in either basic laboratory (bench) research or clinical translational/epidemiological (patient outcomes oriented) research. This exceptional internship program is designed to encourage these gifted young students to pursue a career in scientific study and research with an ultimate goal of inspiring them to focus their research potential on arthritis and related autoimmune diseases. Many graduates of the Summer Science Internship Program have gone on to pursue successful careers in the fields of medicine and/or scientific research.

This eight-week long internship is open to high school juniors and seniors as well as first and second year college undergraduates. Laboratory placements are available at the University of California, San Francisco and Stanford University.

Kaiser Summer Youth Employment Program

A Community Benefit Program geared primarily toward 11th and 12th grade students, the Kaiser Permanente LAUNCH (Learn About Unlimited New Careers in Health Care) High School Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) has been creating opportunities for underserved high school students since 1968. We offer paid summer work experience at Kaiser Permanente facilities throughout California and encourage students to consider that lifelong learning and earning power begins with a high school diploma. There are a wide variety of health care and health care support jobs available, and many students who have participated in the SYEP have chosen health care–related fields after graduation—some of them right here at Kaiser Permanente.

As a SYEP student, you’ll be paid for your time, working in one of our departments while learning about careers in health care. Additionally, when a certified Regional Occupational Programs (ROP) teacher is involved and you complete the various components of the program, you can earn up to 10 Cooperative Vocational Education (CVE) units. These units may be added to the total units required for high school graduation.

The SYEP focuses on health care careers that are in demand. We offer a well-rounded program that will help you prepare for an exciting future in health care. Learn more and take the first step toward building the career you’ve been dreaming of.

San Francisco Zoo

Jobs/Volunteer Opportunities: Teen Volunteers

The Zoo is an intriguing place for teens to experience animals up-close and connect with wildlife in a meaningful way. We have popular summer and year-round programs that are designed to be fun and educational while inspiring an awareness of nature and conservation action.

All Programs have a mandatory orientation. Orientations are held in the Connie and Bob Lurie Education Center, just to the left of the Main Entrance. You do not need to pay Zoo admission to access the Connie and Bob Lurie Education Center.

Exploratorium Explainer Program

California Academy of Sciences

BioSite- Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose

Facebook Group Bay Area Teen Science has postings with summer programs

COSMOS at various UC campuses
YSP at Davis
Canada college STEM institute
Stanford listings
Exploratorium Explainer Program:
California Academy of Sciences:
Free STEM week-long Summer Programs at Foothill College.
Biotechnology Pathways Program out of San Mateo High School:
BioSite- Children’s Discovery Museum in San Jose
Facebook Group Bay Area Teen Science has postings with summer programs