Rules Governing Sequoia HS Clubs
From Sequoia HS Constitution
  • All clubs must be approved annually by the Principal or the Principal's designee
  • All clubs must be presided over by a certificated faculty adviser who attends club meetings and club events
  • A club must maintain roster of at least 8 current Sequoia students
  • All clubs must prepare and submit a budget before hosting fundraisers or incurring expenditures

Active Clubs in 2016-2017Top of Page

Club Name

Advisor Meeting Location Day Time
 Abilities United B. Alvarez   Room 204   Mondays  Lunch
 Africause  J. Rutigliano  Room B4  Thursdays  Lunch
 Anime and Japanese Culture Club
 R. Goodwin
 Room 222  Wednesdays  Lunch
 Badminton Club  S. Wong  Gym 2  Tuesdays  Lunch
 BAWSI (Bay Area Womens Sports  Initiative)  B. Peters  Room 226  Thursdays   Lunch 
 Best Buddies   R. Goodwin   Room 222   Tuesdays  Lunch 
 Biotech Club  A. Horgan  Room 144  Tuesdays  Lunch
 Black Student Union (BSU)
 T. Henderson/
 A. Skillin
 Room 248  Thursdays  Lunch
 California Scholarship Federation  (CSF)  T. Ignaitis  Room 115  Thursdays  Lunch
 Chess Club
 S. Wong
 Room 212  M/W/Th/F
 Class of 2017
 A. Skillin
 SAC  Tuesdays
 Class of 2018
 K. Zilles
 Room 152  Wednesdays  Lunch
 Class of 2019  R. Poulos  TBD  TBD  TBD
 Class of 2020  S. Weden  TBD  TBD  TBD
 Dance!  T. White  Dance Studio  Every Other Monday  Lunch
 Dead Poets' Society  N. Berry  Room 257  Thursdays  Lunch
 Debate Club  L. Kuttan   Room 202   Mondays   Lunch 
 Drama Club  D. Brrome  Room M-3  Fridays  Lunch
 Dream Club
 J. Slater/
 K. Sheehan
 Room 201  Tuesdays
 Environmental Club (ECO)  J.Magallanes  Room LL-3  Fridays  Lunch
 Fantasy Sports Club
 C. Uhalde  SAC  Every other Tuesday  Lunch
 Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA)  D. Nguyen  Room B6  Friday  Lunch
 Girls Learn International (GLI)
 M. Da Costa  Pinto
 Room 151  Tuesdays  Lunch
 Habitat for Humanity  N. Vaughan  Room 123  Tuesdays  Lunch
 Happiness Club
 L. Gleaton
 Room P2  Fridays  Lunch
 IB Club  L. McCahon  IB Office  TBA  Lunch
 Jewish Club  E. Salvatore  Room 150  Every Other  Wednesday  Lunch
 K-Pop Club  L. Kuras   Culinary Arts  Room   Thursdays   Lunch 
 Key Club
 T. Yeager
 Room 250  Thursdays  Lunch
 Latino Student Union
 C. Guillen
 Room 206  Thursdays  Lunch
 Model United Nations  L. Cuffman   Room 252   Tuesdays   Lunch 
 Our Voice
 J. Rutigliano  Room B4  Fridays  Lunch
 Peer Mediators  W. Fitzgerald  TRC  3:50  
 Plant Power  S. Stalder   Room 208   Fridays   Lunch 
 Poly Club
 T. Ignaitis  Room 115  Every other  Wednesday  Lunch
 Robotics Club  L. Larkin  Room 215  Tuesdays and  Wednesdays
 After  School
 Runners Club  J. Rosario  Room B-12  Tuesdays  Lunch
 Save the Animals Club
 M. Sigala
 Room 100  Wednesdays  Lunch
 Sequoia Stands Up  M. McDonald   Room 225   Thursdays   Lunch 
 Spanish Exchange Program
 S. Stalder
 Room 208  Thursday  Lunch
 Spanish Music Appreciation  S. Stalder   Room 208   Thursdays  Lunch
 Sparkles Team  B. Alvarez  Room 207  Tuesdays  Lunch
 Super Smash Brothers Club  R. Moaveni   Room 216   Thursdays   Lunch 
 Try Club  D. Waters  255  Tuesdays  Lunch
 What the Health  A. Gray  Room 125  Wednesdays   Lunch 
 Yearbook  E. Bray  Room 213  Thursdays and  Fridays   Lunch 
 Young Republicans  L. Gleaton  Room B5  Every Other Friday  Lunch
 Youth Advisory Board  W. Fitzgerald  TRC  Wednesdays  3:50

Weekly Club Meeting ScheduleTop of Page

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