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Sean Priest, Principal

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Admin Priest

Sean Priest is a 1999 graduate of Pomona College with a concentration in Philosophy. He began his career in education as a humanities instructor at a preparatory school in Puebla, México before returning to the US to obtain his teaching credential at San Francisco State University. At South San Francisco High School from 2002-2009 he taught Spanish and AVID.. From 2009-2011 he served as Dean of Students at Menlo-Atherton High School. He joined the team at Sequoia in 2011, serving as both Administrative Vice Principal and Instructional Vice Principal.

Sophia Olliver, Admin. Vice Principal

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Admin Olliver

Sophia Olliver holds a bachelor’s degree in English Education from Mount Holyoke College, and a master’s degree in Educational Administration through NDNU. She taught English for 14 years at Menlo-Atherton and was Menlo-Atherton’s conflict mediator from 2007-2012. Mrs. Olliver worked closely with AVPs at M-A to support students through December 2012, served as Dean of Students at Carlmont High School for the Spring Semester in 2013, and arrived at Sequoia as an Administrative Vice Principal for the 2013-14 school year. Sophia became Instructional Vice Principal in 2016-2017, but is now back in her previous role as Administrative Vice Principal.

Tara Charles, Instr. Vice Principal

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Tara Charles, Instr. Vice Principal


Tara Charles holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology from UCLA and a master’s degree from University of San Francisco in Learning and Instruction. She taught special education at Menlo-Atherton High School, served as an Instructional Coach and Special Education Program Specialist with the Sequoia District office, and returned to M-A as an Administrative Vice Principal before joining the Sequoia High Administration as Instructional Vice Principal in 2023.

Gary Gooch, Admin. Vice Principal

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Admin Gooch

Gary graduated from Sam Houston State University in Texas with a B.A. in Journalism. He received an M.S. in Environmental Studies and his Secondary Teaching Credential from the University of Montana. Gary began his career in education at the postsecondary level teaching field courses in Ecology and Habitat Conservation. After 10 years in Montana, Gary moved to San Francisco and began teaching English at South San Francisco High School. Gary became an Administrative Vice Principal at El Camino High School in 2011, and from 2012 to 2015 he served as an Instructional Vice Principal. Gary begins Fall 2015 as an Administrative Vice Principal at Sequoia High School.

Contact Us

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Contact Us

We are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding Sequoia High School. Please use the links below to email the administrator or support staff with whom you wish to communicate.

Click the name to send an email message:

Priest, Sean
Ext. 60010

Bass, Susie
Assistant to Mr. Priest (Spanish speaking)
Ext. 60011

Charles, Tara
Instructional Vice-Principal
Ext. 60020

Solari, Giulia
Assistant to Ms. Charles (Spanish speaking)
Ext. 60021

Gooch, Gary
Administrative Vice-Principal (Grades 10/12)
Ext. 60030

Horton, Grace
Assistant to Mr. Gooch (Spanish-speaking)
Ext. 60031

Olliver, Sophia
Administrative Vice-Principal (Grade 9/11)
Ext. 60032

Oseguera, Vanessa
Assistant to Ms. Olliver (Spanish-speaking)
Ext. 60033
Attendance Clerk (Spanish Speaking)
Ext. 60000
Ext. 60050