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CTE: Culinary Arts

  Appetizers made by Culinary Arts students.
Culinary Arts students 

Sequoia High School's Careers & Technology Education Culinary Arts Department focuses on preparing students for pursuing careers in the Hospitality Industry. The Foods and Nutrition classes provide students with essential skills and knowledge not only for everyday life but also for future careers. The curriculum is based on the state's Career Technical Education standards .


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FOODS AND NUTRITION - Grades 9, 10, 11, 12 (+)

Students enrolled in Foods & Nutrition are interested in a career path in food service and hospitality or food science, dietetics and nutrition. Topics include: nutrition, food safety and sanitation; facilities and equipment; meal management; food preparation techniques; meal service and etiquette; food and culture; and career exploration in the Foodservice & Hospitality Industry.  At the end of this course, students will be prepared for entry level positions in foodservice & hospitality.


Suggested Prerequisite: None

CULINARY ARTS - Grades 10, 11, 12 (+) or Teacher Recommendation

This course is the advanced study of preparation and service of food. The following concepts will be explored - menu planning, foreign cookery, exploring professional cooking and the food service industry. This course is also articulated with Mission College in Santa Clara. Students receive 2 units if they achieve an A or B letter grade in both semesters. Students can then transfer to Mission College and complete their Culinary/Hospitality program more rapidly.

Suggested Prerequisite: Foods and Nutrition 

NOTE: + = means the course satisfies the Career Technical Education graduation requirement 

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If you have any questions regarding the CTE Hospitality Culinary Arts Program at Sequoia High School, please feel free to contact me by sending an email using the link below. Email is always best!


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