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Digital Arts Academy

Sequoia Digital Arts Academy

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The Digital Arts Academy is a small school-within-a-school at Sequoia High. Students enroll in the program from 10th grade through the 12th grade. Our funding comes from the State of California as a grant and is matched by the school district and our industry partners. This allows us to keep our class size at an average of 25 students, to include technological skills and hands-on experience in our curriculum, as well as to provide extra support for students in need.

Teachers in the Academy are also well-supported and have time to meet and collaborate. Teachers have the opportunity to plan cross-curricular, technology-rich projects as well as identify students who need extra help in taking themselves to the next level. Together we pool our resources to enhance learning and challenge our students. In the Academy, there is no room to just coast.

Our focus is to provide students with a technology-infused, personalized learning experience while preparing all for college and careers. We offer direct career pathways, extra support and high expectations, all in a fun learning environment.


  • Small Class Size
  • College Preparation
  • High Expectations
  • Mentor Program
  • Technology-Infused Curriculum
  • Teachers Who Know You

College & Career Preparation

The Academy provides a rigorous academic experience that focuses on helping students complete the A-G college requirements. In addition to the Academy core classes, English, Science and Social Studies, students are required to take a Technology elective. In the 10th grade this elective will be Computer Animation I; in the 11th grade, Computer Graphics and, in the senior year, Video Production.

College credit through Cañada College is available for the Computer Graphics and Video Production courses. In addition, students are encouraged to take advanced technology classes at Cañada College while enrolled at Sequoia.

In today's world, technology is the key to a successful career in any field. In the Digital Arts Academy, all students learn skills that will prepare them for jobs in the real world. During their junior year, students participate in the Mentor Program in which students are paired with a professional who works in Silicon Valley. Through a series of structured activities such as job shadowing, a career fair, resume writing workshops, and mock interviews, students learn job skills and business etiquette from professionals in the real world.

Digital Arts Academy Staff

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Digital Arts Academy Staff

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Banister, Kathleen
US History, World Studies I
Ext. 69668

Canning, Benjamin
Ext. 69608
Erskine, Camille
Ext. 69144
Henderson, Taja
American Government, Modern European History
Ext. 69709
Ext. 69143
Mitchell, Victoria
Multimedia I, Digital Filmmaking
Ext. 69645
Orozco, Beatriz
English III, English IV
Ext. 69675

Ranum, Amie
English II
Ext. 69654
Stein, Greg
Multimedia II
Ext. 69645
Castaneda, Hoxira
DAA Counselor
Ext. 60092
Digital Arts Academy Teachers

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Digital Arts Academy Teachers

DAA Team
Digital Arts Academy Team