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About Sequoia's English Department

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The Sequoia High School English Department is dedicated to teaching students in the areas of reading, writing, listening, and speaking. We want to help students learn to love reading and feel empowered through the ability to express their opinions with clarity and creativity. We offer a diverse curriculum that includes literary works by authors from multiple cultural and ethnic backgrounds. Our courses meet the needs of all students; we offer reading and English Language Development (ELD) support classes, English classes that prepare students for life after high school, and International College Advancement Program (ICAP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes.


El departamento de inglés de Sequoia High School se dedica a ense ñar a los estudiantes en las áreas de Lectura, redacción, comprensión auditiva y conversación. Queremos ayudar a los estudiantes a aprender a disfrutar de leer y sentirse capaces de expresarse con claridad y creatividad. Ofrecemos un plan de estudios variado que incluye libros de autores de diversas culturas. Nuestro programa es diseñado para capacitar a cualquier alumno. Por ejemplo, ofrecemos clases de lectura y de desarrollo del idioma inglés. Tambien, ofrecemos clases que preparan a los estudiantes para la vida despues de la escuela, y clases de International College Advancement Program (ICAP) y Bachillerato Internacional (IB).

Jasmine Schimek 

English Department Chair

Summer Reading is now the Summer Literacy Experience

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   IBY2 Students Complete this Wakelet

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   IBY2 Students Complete this Wakelet


Go to for grade-level instructions -OR- visit the Media Center website
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Contact the Department Chair

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Please email me with any questions you have about English at Sequoia High School.

Jasmine Schimek

English Department Chair

Modern Language Association Standards

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  • MLA Handbook
    Sequoia ICAP and IB students are expected to submit all written work in accordance with the MLA guidelines and standards. The attached handbook contains descriptions and examples of these.