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What courses will you or your student take in the HCA?Top of Page

When a student joins the Health Careers Academy they will join the courses appropriate to their academic year. Below is a graphic of the rough outline of course progression. Click on the course name in the left tool bar to see descriptions and details.

Typical Health Careers Academy Course Flow Chart:Top of Page

Exceptions can be made for students who previously took one of these courses
  10h Grade
11th Grade
12th Grade
 English  English 2
 IB English Yr 1
 IB English Yr 2
 Social Studies
 Modern European
US History
 Government &
 Science  Academy Biology  
 Academy Chemistry 
 Academy Human Biology 
Career Technical Education   
- Patient Care Pathway
 Intro to Health
 Medical/Clinical I  Medical/Clinical II
*Students integrate with other Sequoia students for Math and other electives