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Month     Activity  Time  Location
 October 26 Mentor Training 10:25 - 12:10 Sequoia MPR
 November 9 Biography Interview 10:25 - 12:10 Sequoia MPR
 December 7 Inventory Event 10:25 - 12:10 Sequoia MPR
 January 18 Resume Writing Workshop 10:25 - 12:10 Sequoia MPR
 February 15 Business Etiquette / Interviews 10:25 - 12:10 Sequoia MPR 
 March 22 Career Fair
 All Day Skyline College
 April 26 Career Share
10:25 - 12:10 Sequoia MPR
 May 10 Wrap Up Event
10:25 - 12:10 Sequoia MPR
*Questions about an event or need to reschedule, contact the HCA Mentor Coordinator, Gregory Schmid.


Sequoia is located at 1201 Brewster Ave in Redwood City.
There are a few visitor parking spots on the lane that runs in front of the school, at the corner of Brewster and Broadway. Additionally, there are typically more spots in the lots are off of Brewster and James.
If you are coming to a scheduled event, join us in the MPR (Multi-Purpose Room), at the southern end of the main building.
If you are arriving for a make up event, please sign in at the attendance office (on your left as you enter the main entrance). If for some reason that door is locked, try the principal's office down the hall to the right across from the library. Ask them to call Mr. Schmid's classroom phone extension (60102) and someone will come down to meet you.


Sequoia Campus Map