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The HCA gives back to the community

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The Health Careers Academy is proud to be involved in the community. Through our partnerships with local businesses and health organizations, our students are able to give back to the community. Whether it is by teaching 4th graders about living healthy or writing notes for Meals on Wheels customers, we strive to show our students the benefit of service to others.
In this spirit, the HCA has partnered with The VIA Heart Project and we will be hosting a free youth heart screening on November 4th, 2018. Details and sign up information will be coming soon.
If you know of additional ways for the HCA to support your efforts, please contact Mr. Gray.
How can you get involved in the HCA

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Looking to support our students? The HCA also has opportunities for you to get involved.
  • We are always looking for new mentors for our 11th grade students. We pair each junior student with a mentor who is either has experience in the student's field of interest or has common interests. These mentors meet once a month for an hour and a half from November to May; during these visits, mentors help prepare students to pursue their careers of interest.
  • Do you have a job in the health field? Would you be willing to share your knowledge and story with us? Consider being a guest speaker for one of our classes. Our students love to hear what the day is like supporting of caring for patients, they want to know about the training needed to get the job and always have interesting questions to ask.
  • Is being in front of a class of teenagers by yourself sound overwhelming? Well, never fear. The HCA's Health Occupations Students of America chapter is hosting guest speaker panels at lunch. You and several co-workers and visit with students at lunch in an informal Q&A.
  • If you are still interested in helping our students but you can not make it to the school during a week day, the HCA is always looking to enhance the student's learning experiences. One such program is the Teen CERT Go-Bag Project. During the Junior year, students are provided life saving training in disaster preparedness and emergency medicine. In addition, with the help of some local partnerships, we are able to provide these trained students with the materials they need to keep their families and neighborhoods safer.
    • Follow the link on the left or email Mr. Schmid for information on how to get involved.