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DEBOLINA DUTTA - Academy Biology

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Ms. Debolina Dutta

Debolina has worked in public, private, and international high schools for 17 years. She began her career as a math teacher in a large urban high school. Soon, she transitioned into the subject she is most passionate about; science. She had the opportunity to help start small schools at two different high schools and was a part of re-establishing the Health Careers Academy at Sequoia High School. Although her background is in marine and environmental sciences, she has taught almost every type and level of science class.

Mrs. Dutta’s course website url is:

Aside from her classroom work, Debolina works as an instructional coach. Debolina’s goal is to support teachers so that they can attain success in their practice. She enjoys working with teachers to help revise lessons, observe classes, provide feedback, and by providing professional development seminars. Debolina believes that all students can succeed with guidance and support, and so she aims to provide the same for teachers.

Debolina loves all things outdoors and especially marine related. She used to be an avid runner and biker. Hopefully, when are her amazing children are older; she will be able to include them in these activities.