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GREGORY J SCHMID - Medical Clinical I

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Mr. Gregory J Schmid

Greg began in the district in 2013, teaching Biology and Advanced Integrated Science at Sequoia while earning his Masters in Education and teaching credential from Stanford. He taught at Carlmont for the 2014-15 school year and was excited to return to Sequoia in 2015. He is currently teaching Human Biology and Medical Clinical I which is the Junior Health Careers Academy (HCA) elective.

Since returning, Greg has worked on developing the Patient Care Pathway curriculum for elective courses in the HCA. He is the HCA Mentor Coordinator, partnering adults with our Junior students to help guide them toward their career goals. Greg is also the co-lead for the HCA's Health Occupations Students of America chapter, using early engagement to encourage careers in the healthcare field.

Greg works hard to build partnerships with the local community, establishing outreach programs with our neighbors. He successfully partnered with the Redwood City Fire Department to have our Jr. students certified as Teen Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.) members. Teen C.E.R.T. members learn how to safely become assets in an emergency situation and support our First Responders.

Greg enjoys hiking, kayaking, biking and camping with his family. He is also a musician who enjoys writing and performing songs based on the content from his classes. Ask him about the Protein Synthesis song sometime.