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Karyn Arle - IB English SL & Academy English III

Karyn_Arle_-_IB_English_SL_&_Academy_English_III iconKaryn Arle - IB English SL & Academy English IIItitle

Ms. Arle teaches IB English to HCA sophomores.  She brings over twenty years of teaching experience to the Academy.  Ms. Arle has worked with all ages of students in Hawai'i, Oregon, and California as a special education aide, pre-school teacher, tutor, and teacher.  Ms. Arle began her teaching career at East Palo Alto Academy.  She taught English there for 9 years, and served in many capacities including leading student activities, teaching creative writing, advising the school newspaper, co-advising an outdoor club, and being on the school leadership team. In 2017, Ms. Arle came to Sequoia to teach Intensive English classes and ICAP English. She has taught ICAP English 1 and 2, and has a strong understanding of the years leading up to IB English.  Now in her sixth year at Sequoia, she continues to teach Intensive English and teaches IB English Year 1.   
Ms. Arle lives in San Mateo, and spends her free time reading, hiking, and playing with her puppy.