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The Media Center Guide

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The Media Center has a robust library of over 15,000 books, a growing collection of eBooks, a Media Lab of iMacs running the Adobe Creative Suite, the Fireside room (home to special collections and archives), and a thriving Media Center Ambassador program. Printing is available on-demand and color printing is available upon request.  The flexible seating offers a variety of study options for students during their unscheduled periods. The Media Center is open at brunch and lunch as well.  Food and drinks are prohibited at all times; we invite you to enjoy your food/drink in the Tea Garden.
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Ms. Snow is available for questions via email at, for the quickest response. You can also call the school number at 650.367.9780 and dialing the extension listed below during school hours.
Betsy Snow
Media Specialist
Ext. 64201
Textbooks are available in the lower textbook room off the main hallway. Please bring your student ID if you wish to check out a book. Teachers may sign up to bring their classes down to check out textbooks.
Shannon Schadler
Library Assistant
Ext. 64202