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The World Languages Department, is committed to creating lifelong learners who are globally strong and culturally sensitive. Also, one of our primary goals is to develop our students as effective communicators. As such, we offer classes in two different languages: French, and Spanish (as a world language and for Native Speakers.)

All of these languages offer a three-year sequence. Because students enter high school with a variety of previous experiences in multiple language usage, they may begin at a level appropriate to their current knowledge of speaking, understanding spoken language, reading, and writing. Multiple language abilities are essential for academic growth and enhance learning in other subjects as well as provide specialized skills for the professional world of the student’s future.

Each language’s offerings include courses designed for all students the basics as well as for students who wish to continue their studies at the university level. Students who choose to participate in the International Baccalaureate program register in the ICAP (“International College Advancement Program”) courses as freshmen or may test into a higher level. ICAP courses are available in Spanish, and French. Native speakers of Spanish are provided with classes that focus on similar standards to English Literature classes, where they will develop skills in vocabulary, grammar, literary analysis, and formal speaking and writing. To meet the needs of the advanced students, the World Languages Department offers courses that prepare students for both the Advanced Placement exams in language and the exams for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma or certificate. IB courses are currently available in French, and Spanish two levels: standard and high level.

Included in the coursework of the language classes are projects in using technology as well as cultural projects as a means of growing globally.


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Calles, Julio
Spanish for Native Speakers III, Spanish for Native Speakers II
Ext. 69662

Chin, Karina
French I, IB French Y 5 & AVID
Ext. 69665

Kuttan, Laetitia
French IV, II/III ICAP & IB Y 4
Ext. 69676
IB Spanish
Ext. 69607
Spanish I, III
Ext. 69712

Nadeau, Evelyn
 Spanish III & Sp II/III ICAP
Ext. 69642

Salvatore, Edith
Spanish I, SDTA
Ext. 69634

Sigala, Martha
Spanish II, Spanish for Native Speakers 2
Ext. 69685

Stalder-Skarmoutsos, Scott
 ( DC) Spanish I, IB Spanish SL, year 4, AVID
Ext. 69705

Verdeses, Roberto
IB Language B HL, SL Y5
Ext. 69703
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