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Carrington Hall

History of Carrington Hall

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The theater was built in 1923 in the same Spanish revival style as the main school buildings. In the early 1960s the theater was named Carrington Hall after Otis Carrington a long time art, music and drama teacher.

In 2002 Carrington Hall was closed for a complete renovation. The entire structure was earthquake retrofitted and all the furnishings were replaced. The building was modified slightly to included large, ADA-compliant restrooms, larger dressing rooms and to extend the stage 2' farther into the auditorium. All lighting and sound systems were replaced with state-of-the-art, new equipment.

Carrington Hall reopened in January of 2004 with a gala event featuring many musical and dancing acts performed by local community groups.

Today Carrington Hall is a busy, working theater serving school and community needs.

Carrington Hall Booking Information

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Carrington Hall Booking Information

To inquire about booking historic Carrington Hall for your event, please contact:

Crystal Amaya
Carrington Hall Manager

650.367.9780, x61601

If you are unable to reach the theater manager, please contact:

Gary Gooch, Administrative Vice Principal
650.367.9780 x60030