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Enrolling in Sequoia High School

1. Get your address verified. This has to be done in person at the Sequoia Union HS District Office; instructions and the form to complete can be found here.

2. If Sequoia HS is not your home school, apply immediately for a transfer to Sequoia. Depending on where you live, you need to follow one of two procedures:

a. If you live in the Sequoia Union High School District, use the boundary search at the Sequoia Union HS district website to figure out if Sequoia is your home school. If it isn’t, you need to apply for an Intra-district transfer.

b. If you live outside the Sequoia Union High School District, you need to apply for an Inter-district transfer.

You can find both of these documents on the same page of the District website as address verification.

3. If you are at one of the District's public feeder schools, registration forms and teacher recommendations will come home from middle school with your student in the spring of eighth grade. Guidance advisors from the District will then come to your school to enroll your child.

4. If you are not at one of the District's public feeder schools, pick up a registration packet from the District Office in March of your 8th-grade year. Do this even if you did the first two steps outlined as the district does not forward your information to the high school. Fill out the information, and return the packet to the Guidance Office at Sequoia. If you have questions, please contact Ms. Melchor at (650) 367-9780 ext. 60096, or e-mail to Ms. Melchor hours are eight to four, Monday through Friday.

5. If your middle school is not familiar with courses at Sequoia and does not know what to do as far as course recommendations, have them contact Head Guidance Advisor Joel Rebello 650.367.9780 ex.60094, or e-mail to