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Learn About Sequoia's IB Program

I.C.A.P. Program

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The International College Advancement Program (ICAP) is a rigorous, college preparatory program for freshman and sophomore students. It is intended to prepare students who plan to pursue our International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in their junior and senior years. This curriculum has an international flavor that emphasizes critical thinking, analysis and skillful written communication. ICAP classes are vertically aligned with the IB curriculum. We offer English I ICAP in the 9th grade and English II ICAP, Modern European History ICAP, Spanish 2/3 ICAP and French 2/3 ICAP in the 10th grade. Students are recommended to take the ICAP preparatory course in order to be prepared for the IB course in that subject. Please note that a native Spanish speaker would be in our Native Speaker program which also feeds into IB. Also, the other IB subjects (science, math, and electives) do not have a specific ICAP preparatory class. Instead students will be prepared for IB by participating in our college preparatory courses (like Algebra, Geom, Alg II/Trig, Bio, Chem, Physics etc.).


Sequoia IB Mission: We Are IB

We are an IB School open to ALL

Our motto is We Are IB

In line with the IB Mission, Sequoia’s IB program is open to all students.

Goal: ICAP/IB courses reflect the larger diverse student population.

The more students participating in the program, the more perspectives are brought to the class discussions, making the class more enriching for all students.

Sequoia's IB Mission

Sequoia strives to have all students prepared for university and thus, we hope all students participate in the IB program.

Sequoia hopes all students take at least 1 IB class before they graduate

Sequoia strives for IB to be open, welcoming and accessible for all

Sequoia’s IB Program values all the perspectives of our all students.

Things to Know Before you Consider IB

Before you decide if the IB Programme is a good fit, there are some things you need to be aware of:
1.The IB organization charges fees for IB exams. This means that there are standardized exams at the end of each course for which fees apply. Those families who qualify for free or reduced lunch are charged on a pro-rated fee structure. Letters are sent home each fall specifying the fees for all students who may participate in IB testing the following spring. IB exams are not linked to a student's grade in an IB course. Taking an IB course AND sitting for an IB exam adds great value to a student's college application. Colleges expect an IB exam score for every IB course taken.
2. Students should consider challenging themselves with IB coursework, whether as a full Diploma Candidiate or as a Diploma Course Student for the following reasons:
  • Universities value applicants who took advantage of the academic opportunities offered to them at their high school. Since Sequoia offers IB, universities like to see students challenging themselves with these rigorous IB courses.
  • The types of research, writing, thinking and communicating of ideas that IB courses require, reflects college level expectations. IB not only helps students get into college but more importantly, prepares students to be successful in college once they are there.
  • Depending on the IB score earned and individual college policy, IB scores may lead to earning college credits prior to entering the institution and/or advanced course placement, allowing a student to skip a lower division course requirement.
*Please visit individual university websites for their IB credit/ advanced course placement policy.

Common IB Program Myths

Myth #1: IB is a separate school within the Sequoia campus.

Truth: All students are within the larger school and can take both IB and non IB courses. Sequoia welcomes all students into IB and encourages every student to take at least one IB class before they graduate.

Myth #2: IB is an all or nothing program.

Truth: Students can choose to do the full diploma or be a diploma course student taking individual IB courses.

Myth #3: Once students are in Sequoia, that does not guarantee access to IB and that students must test in.

Truth: All students can access IB. There is no entrance exam to take IB courses. Some IB courses have pre-req requirements. Some IB courses have recommended course preparation and some IB courses have no pre-req requirements.

How to Access the IB Program

These four rules will guide you in the process of accessing Sequoia High School's International Baccalaureate Program
1. Families that live within the Sequoia Union High School District (SUHSD) boundary but do live within the Sequoia High School (SHS) boundary (meaning Sequoia is not their home school) can apply for an Open Enrollment Transfer as an incoming 9th grader. Please visit the District website at for a Boundary Search to identify your home school. Open Enrollment transfers are only granted to incoming 9th graders. All students will be subject to the rules and regulations of the SUHDS's Open Enrollment Process. Please contact the District Office, ext.22211, for details.
2. Families who relocate within the SUHSD boundary from another area, whose students have been attending another IB school may be granted an adjustment transfer to complete their IB education in 11th and 12th grade at Sequoia High School. Contact the District Office, 650-369-1411 ext. 22211, for details.
3. International students (i.e. students from other countries who are in the United States due to the parents work situation) who reside within the SUHSD boundary but are not within the SHS boundary may be granted adjustment transfers to attend Sequoia High School's I.B. Program. Contact the District Office, 650-369-1411, ext. 22211 for details.
4. Families who live within the SHS boundary automatically attend Sequoia and have access to the ICAP/IB Program. There is no separate admissions process or testing to enroll in the IB Program. Students can select IB courses when working with their Guidance Counselor for course registration. All students can and are encouraged to access IB. Please note that some IB courses have required per-requisite or recommended courses.
Please Note: If you reside outside the Sequoia Union High School District, you will not be able to access Sequoia's IB Program. As of the 2010-11 school year, the SUHSD no longer grants inter-district transfers into Sequoia for this program.
8th grade students may participate in our Shadow Program. For shadow information and registration please see our 8th Grade Shadowing Program section on the school website listed under Parents and Community