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IB Programme

Important Updates

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Important Updates

Senior IB Cermeony: If your senior has participated in one or more IB classes this year, please join us to honor all our graduating IB Certificate and Diploma Candidates. RSVP online at This event will be outdoors. Light refreshments served. Graduates will pick up their IB stoles to wear during June's graduation ceremony. Questions? Please contact


IB/ College Grade Level Meetings: All grade level meetings were held on Zoom. Please click HERE for more information. 

Click HERE to access links and passwords for the IB College Grade Level Meeting Zoom video recordings

IB Exam Registration for May 2022: Students have signed up for IB Exams May 2022. Registrations are final. Payments were due to the IB Office by November 15th. Please pay if you have not yet submitted payment. See the IB Exam Fee section for more information.


November 1st, 2021 DEADLINE: Students CANNOT drop an IB course in a testing year after November 1st. After 11/1/21, students are committed for the entire year.

Virtual 8th Grade IB Info "We Are IB" Meeting Was Held on Jan 11th, 2022: 

Thanks to everyone who was able to attend. If you were not able to make it, please access the presentations and recordings below to review the information. We hope this information can help guide you in your school search and choice process. Don't forget that the Sequoia Union High School District Open Enrollment deadline is fast approaching on February 1st, 2022 for the 2022-2023 school year. 
Click HERE for the English presentation
Click HERE for the Spanish presentation
Click HERE for the English Zoom recording
Access Passcode: fsZ%@1s8
Click HERE for the Spanish Zoom recordining.
Access Passcode: H+1EmHfz


The Open Enrollment deadline is February 1st. The District Office oversees the Open Enrollment process so please visit their website at for information and the application for an Open Enrollment Transfer for the 2022-2023 school year. Open Enrollment only applies to incoming freshmen. Please direct all questions regarding Open Enrollment to the District Office. Sequoia's IB Program is open to all and it is our goal at Sequoia for all our students to participate in the IB program.


Upcoming Changes to the IB ESS Course.

Next school year (2022-2023) will be the last year IB ESS is offered as a one year course. Starting in 2023-2024, IB ESS will be a two year course. Click HERE to read more about this change. 


May 2022 IB Exams run from April 29th - May 20th, 2022.


Senior Class of 2022 IB Ceremony: Mark your calendars.... All seniors in the Class of 2022 who took one or more IB classes and their families are invited to the IB Ceremony on Tuesday, May 24th, 2022 at 5:00

IB Ceremony Video for class of 2021 in English

IB_Ceremony_Video_for_class_of_2021_in_English iconIB Ceremony Video for class of 2021 in Englishtitle

Congratulations to the IB Class of 2021!

Congratulations_to_the_IB_Class_of_2021! iconCongratulations to the IB Class of 2021!title

Exciting IB News & Awards

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Exciting IB News & Awards

Sequoia Completed the IB Bridging the Equity Gap Project: Sequoia High School was selected by the International Baccalaureate as one of only five high schools across the US to participate in the three year Bridging the Equity Gap Project funded by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. The goal of the project was to increase the number of low-income students participating and succeeding in IB by increasing enrollment in IB courses, exam pass rates and Diploma award rates among low-income students. Throughout the three year project (fall 2014 through spring 2017), Sequoia worked closely with IB and consultants to examine data, evaluate our IB program through parent/staff/student focus groups and surveys, create an action plan, make use of new technology and participate in professional development. The overall goal of the project was by increasing their success in IB, low-income students may be admitted to and complete four year university at higher rates as research shows participation in the IB Diploma Program is linked to college success. We feel this work improved the IB program for all of our students. We are proud to have made changes that have increased student participation in IB overall. Our goal is for all students at Sequoia to take at least IB course before they graduate. We welcome all students into IB.

Marlyn Bussey IB Scholarships: These award recipients are recognized for making a strong contribution to the school or their IB classes and embracing what IB is all about. This is demonstrated through:

Motivated by their own curiosity and learned for the sake of learning. Sought out, listened to and/or appreciated multiple perspectives. Demonstrated multicultural understanding. Contributed to their community. Showed care and respect for others and the world at large.

  • 2019: Diego De Nault, Sydrah Al-Saegh, Lizbeth Bautista-Castaneda, Alyanna Belong, Matthew Edward Lee, Myriam Leon Fernandez, Shiva Shambayati & Ashley Valdovinos-Rodriguez
  • 2018: Morgan Taradash, Hannah Marcus, Julie Ahmed, Yareli Solis-Sanchez & Maria Rodriguez
  • 2017: Joscelin Aguirre, Jayleann Guadalupe, Jeena Kapadia, Fabiola Pardo Garcia, Daniela Patino Mota, Luca Richardson and Alicia Shristie
  • 2016: Abigail Hartzell, Elijah Punzal, Juliet Rosales, Emma O'Hara, Angel Hernandez, and Abigail Wang
CAS Scholarships: These award recipients demonstrated exemplary achievement in the CAS (Creativity, Activity, Service) Program. These students did an exceptional job with CAS shown either through their CAS logs, their ManageBac portfolios or their CAS Interviews. These students put in significant number of hours and demonstrated great growth and self-reflection. They learned from their experiences. They demonstrated leadership and showed great care for others and creativity.
  • 2019: Gianna Colombo & Maya Donovan
  • 2018: Clara MacAvoy, Michael Yu, Annika Krueger & Jasleen Pelia-Lutzker
  • 2017:  Lani Komatsu, and Philip Tyson
  • 2016: Jessica Robles Diaz, Luz Garcia and Madison Griffith
CAWS Scholarships: The California Association of IB World Schools (CAWS) awards three scholarship categories to IB students across California and an IB educator award yearly. We are proud to have many CAWS scholarship recipients among our students and staff.
  • 2019: CAWS awarded Deigo De Nault as an IB Student of the Year. CAWS awarded Ximena Sanchez Martinez with the Gary Prather Outstanding IB Student Award. This award is offered in recognition of academic excellence.
  • 2017: CAWS awarded Joanna Fuentes with the Outstanding Community Service Award. This award recognizes students who exhibit a genuine and demonstrated commitment to serving their community in exemplary service projects. CAWS awarded Zoji Bomya and Zachary Lo with the best IB Video following the "Why IB" theme The students wrote, filmed and edited their own video promoting IB for all students.
  • 2016: CAWS awarded Dominic Tanzillo with the Gary Prather Outstanding IB Student Award. This award is offered in recognition of academic excellence. CAWS awarded Claire Bugos with the Outstanding Community Service Award. This award recognizes students who exhibit a genuine and demonstrated commitment to serving their community in exemplary service projects.
  • 2015 : CAWS awarded Samuel Medrano with the Outstanding Community Service Award. This award recognizes students who exhibit a genuine and demonstrated commitment to serving their community in exemplary service projects. Justine Rutigliano (IB English & past TOK teacher) was awarded the CAWS Exemplary IB Educator Award. This yearly award is offered to ONE IB Diploma Program Teacher in an IB high school across the state of California in "recognition of an outstanding educator at your school who you feel has made your school and program great." We honor Ms Rutigliano's hard work and dedication to the IB program, students and Sequoia at large.
  • 2014: CAWS awarded Simon Greenhill with the CAWS Outstanding Student Award and Amir Amerian with of CAWS Life Long Learner Award.
Ceremonia IB de la clase del 2021 (español)

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Ceremonia IB de la clase del 2021 (español)

  • SHS-IB