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Leaving Campus

Sequoia High School is a Closed Campus

Sequoia_High_School_is_a_Closed_Campus iconSequoia High School is a Closed Campustitle

Sequoia High School has a closed campus. This means that students are not allowed to leave the campus once they have arrived for their school day until following their last class of the day. Students may not leave campus during brunch or during lunch, even if they live nearby.

Students who must leave campus during the day should go to the Attendance Office to secure a pass to leave. Students may be brought back on campus by Redwood City Police Department and cited for truancy if they are off campus during school hours.

Procedures for Leaving Campus for an Appointment or Illness

Procedures_for_Leaving_Campus_for_an_Appointment_or_Illness iconProcedures for Leaving Campus for an Appointment or Illnesstitle

To leave for an appointment: Bring a note to the Attendance Office the morning of the appointment and a permit to leave will be issued. The student may leave at the time written on the permit. If you need to come in to the school building to retrieve your child, please come to the Attendance Office.

If you are ill and want to go home: Go to the Health Aide office or the Attendance Office and they will contact the parent/guardian listed as responsible for you to give permission for you to leave.

Do not leave the school campus without proper permission! Doing so may result in an unexcused absence for the class time missed.

Parents MAY NOT call to clear the absence after the student has gone. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Contact the Attendance Office

Contact_the_Attendance_Office iconContact the Attendance Officetitle

You may contact the Attendance Office at 650.367.9780 ext. 60000 for the Attendance Clerk and Permits to Leave Campus and ext. 60001 to report an absence.

Please note: No excuse notes may be sent by email. All notes must have a hand-written parent or guardian signature and the note must be dated. Thank you.

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Ext. 60000