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Transportation - SAMTRANS



Free rides on SAMTRANS through August 20, 2024
                                 Bus Route
Redwood City Area Public Bus Routes
Walk/Bike to school maps are currently being created by the City of Redwood City. In the meantime, to find a walk, bike or bus route to school visit:
More information on how to ride public transit to school:
Youth Unlimited (Free Transit) Program (See School Treasurer for Details)
Always walk with a parent or buddy.
Always wear a helmet when biking, scooting, or skating.
Be alert. Look left, right, and left again before crossing an intersection.
Make sure your helmet fits properly.
Cross at corners or marked crosswalks.  Cross screen-free!
Obey all stop signs and yield to pedestrians.
Use pedestrian flags correctly.
When riding on the street, ride in the same direction as traffic.
Use eye contact and hand signals to communicate with drivers.
When riding on the sidewalk, ride slowly and watch out for pedestrians.
Follow directions from crossing guards.
Make eye contact and hand signals to communicate with drivers.
Use sidewalks when available.
Store your bike or scooter properly when you get to school.