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Speech and Debate

Sequoia Speech and Debate Team

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Mission Statement:

The Sequoia Speech and Debate Team gives students the chance to improve their public speaking, research, and persuasive writing skills. Members will get the chance to express and argue their opinions in an organized manner, while in a welcoming environment.

Debater will be able to argue both sides of a topic, and in the process they will become better listeners. Speech participants will be able truly grasp an audience and have listeners hooked onto every word. The team will compete in formal tournaments against other schools within our league and beyond, all while raising self-confidence and having fun.

Students will also get more hands on experience by practicing with each other and with teams from local schools during informal scrimmages. Coaches and the director will give students the resources they need to be the best debater and public speaker they can be.

Students will use the skills they learn from the team in school and during the rest of their lives.
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