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Graduation & A-G Requirements

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Graduation Requirements

Social Studies- 37.5 credits
English- 40 credits 
Math- 20 credits
Science- 20 credits (1 year biological & 1 year physical)
Visual & Performing Arts (VPA)- 10 credits
Career Technical Education (CTE)- 10 credits
Physical Education (PE)- 20 credits
Life Skills- 2.5 credits
College Prep Elective- 60 credits
World Language- not required (meets elective credit)
Total Credit= 220
Passing grade for graduation is a D- (we encourage aiming for a C- or higher for A-G eligibility and in order to advance in Math, Science, and World Language) 
Credit Breakdown 
2.5 credits= 1 quarter
5 credits= 1 semester
10 credits= 1 year

A- G Requirements

Social Studies- 2 years
English- 4 years
Math- 3 years (4 years are recommended)
Science- 2 years (1 year biological & 1 year physical) (3-4 years are recommended)
Visual & Performing Arts (VPA)- 1 year
World Language- 2 years (3-4 years are recommended)
College Prep Elective- 1 year
Must pass the above classes with C- or higher to meet A-G eligibility
Contact a Counseling Guidance Department Member

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Contact a Counseling Guidance Department Member

Click the name to send an email message:
Counseling Guidance Member: Description:
Co-Head School Counselor; Ext. 60094 
- Health Career Academy (HCA)
- Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID)
Melissa Perez 
Co-Head School Counselor; Ext 60097
Potoula Vlahakos
School Counselor; Ext 60091
- Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID)
Cynthia Wilde
School Counselor; Ext 60098
- English Language Development (ELD) II/III
- Advanced Via Individual Determination (AVID)
Hoxira Castaneda
School Counselor; Ext 60092
- Digital Arts Academy (DAA) 
Emilia Flores
School Counselor; Ext 60090
- English Language Development (ELD) I
Miki Cristerna Intervention Counselor; Ext. 65367
Blanca Romero
Guidance Information Specialist (9th &10th) Transcript Requests & Education Verification; Ext. 60095
Fernando Ruiz Chavez Guidance Information Specialist (11th &12th); Ext. 60093
Mayra Melchor Registrar/Guidance Information Specialist (Enrollment/Withdrawal 9th-12th); Ext. 60096
Teresa Ignaitis College & Career Center Advisor I; 65356
Teresa Yeager College & Career Center Advisor II; Ext. 65395
Lisa McCahon IB Programme Coordinator; Ext. 63103
Magdalena Galvan IB Secretary; Ext. 63109
Transcript & Records Requests

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Transcript & Records Requests

For information about requesting transcripts and records (click here)