IB Programme
IB Summer Assignments 2016

Please see links below for IB summer assignments 2016. Not all IB courses require summer assignments. This website will be updated throughtout the remainder of the school year. Please continue to check for any added IB Summer Assignments.


10th Graders Interested in Doing the Full IB Diploma: Are you a 10th grader wanting to pursue the IB Diploma? A mandatory 10th Grade IB Diploma CAS Meeting was held on Thursday, May 19th. We reviewed the CAS (Creativity Action Service) requirement and important deadlines to declare your IB Diploma status. That Power Point can be accessed in the IB Power Point Presentation section below. Students can hand in their CAS Activity Plan from now through September 15th to declare their IB Diploma status. Students must turn in their CAS Activity Plan to Ms Patience in the IB office (Room #141). You must turn it in by September 15th to declare your Diploma status. NO EXCEPTIONS.

May 2016 IB Exams run from May 2nd through May 20th. Students will receive a calendar in class this April. Students are responsible to alert teachers of classes they will miss for testing and are responsible to make up all work. Please see the section below for IB exam dates, locations, start times and estimated release times. Please also see below for IB exam tips and rules. All students are required to stay for the entire exam time. No students are released early from an exam.

Senior IB Ceremony. Mark your calendars.... All seniors who took one or more IB classes and their families are invited to the IB Ceremony on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:30 in Carrington Hall. This is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our IB students. Please join us. Spanish translation provided.

8th Grade IB Info Meeting for incoming students who will be attending Sequoia High School next school year, 2016-2017, was held on January, 13th 2016 in Carrington Hall at Sequoia in English at 6 pm and at 7 pm in the Sequoia Library in Spanish. This meeting was for 8th grade or transfer families who want to learn more about the IB Program at Sequoia and what makes IB so exciting. If you missed the meeting, you can review the power point presentation. Please see the IB Power Point Presentations section below and click on the 8th Grade IB Info Meeting 1/13/16. It is available in English and Spanish.

IB College Grade Level Meetings have now been completed. If you were unable to attend, please refer to the Power Point presentation for the IB and college information. Please see IB Power Point Presentations section below and click on the link for your grade. Presentations are available in Spanish and English.

Novemebr 1st DEADLINE: Students CANNOT drop an IB course in a testing year after November 1st, 2015. After 11/1/15, students are committed for the entire year.

IB Student Registry Website: An upcoming IB website scheduled for release in 2015. A website to connect IB students to universities allowing students to showcase their IB portfolio, browse university profiles and search IB credit policies/ scholarships. Coming soon!



IB Exam Schedule May 2016

Students MUST report to the assigned gym 15 minutes prior to start time. For example, students must arrive at 7:45 AM for an 8:00 AM morning exam and 12:45 PM for a 1:00 PM afternoon exam.

** Release times are best estimates. Please note that ALL students must stay to the end of the exam and ALL students will be excused together. No exceptions. Students must prioritize their IB exam. Students will be released when ALL exam materials have been collected. This may run over our posted estimated release times.

IB Exam Tips & Rules

Students will receive a copy of the calendar and the IB Code of Conduct in their IB classes before May. Here are some May exam tips:

  • The calendar lists the specific gym students will test in for each exam
  • Report to the assigned gym 15 minutes prior to the start of the exam. That is 7:45 am for a morning test (starting at 8:00 am) and 12:45 pm for an afternoon exam (starting at 1:00 pm).
  • No talking once you enter the gym even before the exam has begun per IB rules.
  • Due to exam security reasons, all students are released at the same time. If you finish early, you will wait until everyone is released. You cannot be released for another activity. Plan ahead and prioritize your IB exam commitment. Please do not ask to leave early.
  • No cell phone or electronic devices allowed on a person. All phones must be turned off and stowed in a backpack stored in the front of the room. If a phone or device is found on a person that is a breach of IB regulations and must be reported to IB.
  • No smart watches on your person.
  • No bags or backpacks allowed at a testing table.
  • No food.
  • No beverages besides water. Water is allowed ONLY in a clear, see through bottle and placed on the floor. Rip off the label of the water bottle.
  • Bring ball point pens only. No gel or liquid ink. Blue or black ink only.
  • Bring pencils for an exam with charts and graphs
  • No pencil cases. Any extra pens/pencils must be stored in a see through bag.
  • Please be prepared for different temperatures and bring layers of clothing. The gyms can be hot or cold (due to air conditioning)
  • IB does not reschedule exams unless "there is a circumstance of extreme nature that threatens the safety of candidates and/or teachers (for example civil unrest, natural disaster). " (The Conduct of IB Programme Examinations 2014 Section 3.4).There are no make-up exams. If you miss the exam for any reason, you are not able to retake it and your score for that testing component will be a zero. IB will not reschedule because you were home with a cold for example. Do everything you can to get to the exam room.
  • Do not schedule any other activities during an IB exam. Students are only dismissed according to IB regulations.

AP Exams:

  • AP Spanish: May 19th 12:30 - 4:30 Gym 1
  • AP Calculus: May 19th 7:45 - 12:00 Gym 1
  • AP Statistics: May 25th 8:00 - 12:00 Gym 3
  • AP French: May 26th 8:00 - 12:00 College Center
Exciting IB News

Sequoia IB English & IB TOK Teacher Recognized as an Exemplary Educator 2015. Justine Rutigliano was just awarded the 2015 California Association of IB World Schools Exemplary IB Educator Award (CAWS). This yearly award is offered to ONE IB Diploma Program Teacher in an IB high school across the state of California in "recognition of an outstanding educator at your school who you feel has made your school and program great." We honor Ms Rutigliano's hard work and dedication to the IB program, students and Sequoia at large. We are proud to have such great teachers at Sequoia!

Sequoia Selected for the IB Bridging the Equity Gap Project: Sequoia High School applied and was selected by the International Baccalaureate as one of only five high schools across the US to participate in the Bridging the Equity Gap Project funded by the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation. The goal of the project is to increase the number of low-income students, defined by free/reduced lunch status, participating and succeeding in IB by increasing enrollment in IB courses, exam pass rates and Diploma award rates among low-income students. Throughout the three year project, Sequoia will work closely with IB and consultants to examine data, evaluate our IB program through parent/staff/student focus groups and surveys, create an action plan, make use of new technology and participate in professional development. The overall goal of the project is by increasing their success in IB, low-income students will be admitted to and complete four year university at higher rates as research shows participation in the IB Diploma Program is linked to college success. We feel this work will improve the IB program for all of our students.

2015 Marlyn Bussey IB Scholarship Recipients: Congratulations to our scholarship winners for the 2015 IB scholarship. We congratulate Alondra Soto, Samuel Medrano, Luis Perez, Purisa (Jasmine) Simmons, Nani Freidman and Alicia Menendez-Brennan. We wish them luck at university. This scholarship was made possible by the Swain Barber Foundation.

2015 CAWS Scholarship Recipient: The California Association of IB World Schools (CAWS) awarded Samuel Medrano with the Outstanding Community Service Award. This award recognizes students " who exhibit a genuine and demonstrated commitment to serving their community in exemplary service projects." (CAWS Scholarship Application)

  • The Outstanding Community Service Award recognizes students whexhibit a genuine and demonstrated commitment to serving their community in exemplary service projects.

2014 CAWS Scholarship Recipients:The California Association of IB World Schools (CAWS) recognizes three IB Diploma candidates across the state with scholarships. We are excited that 2 of these scholarships were awarded to Sequoia High School students. We congratulate Simon Greenhill, winner of the CAWS Outstanding Student Award and Amir Amerian, winner of the CAWS Life Long Learner Award. For information and pictures, please visit the CAWS website at: http://www.c-aws.org/Scholarship/2013/AwardWinners.aspx


Considering the IB Programme?

Before you decide if the IB Programme is a good fit, there are some things you need to be aware of:

1.The IB organization charges fees for IB exams. This means that there are standardized exams at the end of each course for which fees apply. Those families who qualify for free or reduced lunch are charged on a pro-rated fee structure determined by federal guidelines. Letters are sent home each fall specifiying the fees for all students who will participate in IB testing the following spring. IB exams are not linked to a student's grade in an IB course. Taking an IB course AND sitting for an IB exam adds great value to a student's college application. Colleges expect an IB exam score for every IB course taken.

2. Students should consider challenging themselves with IB coursework, whether at the diploma level or as diploma course students for the follwing reasons:

  • Universities value applicants who took advantage of the academic opportunities offered to them at their high school. Since Sequoia offers IB, universities like to see students challenging themselves with these rigorous IB courses.
  • The types of research, writing, thinking and communicating of ideas that IB courses require, reflects college level expectations. IB not only helps students get into college but more importantly, prepares students to be successful in college once they are there.
  • Depending on the IB score earned and individual college policy, IB scores may lead to earning college credits prior to entering the institution and/or advanced course placement, allowing a student to skip a lower division course requirement.

*Please visit individual university websites for their IB credit/ advanced course placement policy.

Common IB Programme Myths

Myth #1: IB is a separate school within the Sequoia campus.

Truth: All students are within the larger school and can take both IB and non IB courses.

Myth #2: IB is an all or nothing program.

Truth: Students can choose to do the full diploma or be a diploma course student.

Myth #3: Once students are in Sequoia, that does not guarantee access to IB and that students must test in.

Truth: All students can access IB.

Myth #4: IB will rotate out of Sequoia High School.

Truth: Sequoia High School will continue to be an I.B. School.

Accessing the IB Programme

These four rules will guide you in the process of accessing Sequoia High School's International Baccalaureate Programme.

1. Families that live outside the boundary of Sequoia High School will be subject to the rules and regulations of the SUHDS's Open Enrollment Process. Please contact the District Office, ext.22211, for details.

2. Families who move within the Sequoia Union High School District boundary from another area, whose students have been attending another IB school will be granted an automatic adjustment transfer to complete their IB education in 11th and 12th grade at Sequoia High School. Contact the District Office, 650-369-1411 ext. 22211, for details.

3. International students (i.e. students from other countries who are in the United States due to the parents work situation) who reside inside the Sequoia Union HighSchool District boundary but outside of Sequoia High School's boundary, will be granted automatic adjustment transfers to attend Sequoia High School's I.B. Programme. Contact the District Office, 650-369-1411, ext. 22211 for details.

4. Families who live within the Sequoia High School boundary automatically attend Sequoia and have access to the ICAP/IB Programme.

Please Note: If you reside outside the Sequoia Union High School District, you will not be able to access Sequoia's IB Program. As of the 2010-11 school year, the SUHSD no longer grants inter-district transfers into Sequoia for this program.




8th grade students may particpate in our Shadow Program. For shadow information and registration please see our 8th Grade Shadowing Program section on the school website listed under Parents and Community



Sequoia IB Program Videos

Want to hear what Sequoia students and staff say about our IB program? Please click on links below to view testimonial videos in English and Spanish.

¿Quiere oír que dicen los estudiantes y maestros de Sequoia sobre nuestro programa de IB? Por favor haga clic en los enlaces abajo.

General Information

"The International Baccalaureate aims to develop inquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. To this end, the organization works with schools, governments and international organizations to develop challenging programmes of international education and rigorous assessment. These programmes encourage students across the world to become more active, compassionate and lifelong learners who understand that other people, with their differences, can also be right." International Baccalaureate Mission Statement (www.ibo.org)

Created in 1968 in response to the educational needs of geographically mobile students, the IB has grown into a worldwide, comprehensive college preparatory curriculum that has earned a reputation for rigorous assessment giving IB diploma holders access to the world's leading universitites. The IB has shown over the course of almost 40 years, with 2,000 IB World Schools in 124 countries that students are well prepared for university work.

Academic Subjects:
The six academic subjects are studied concurrently as a well-rounded, liberal arts curriculum. IB Diploma candidates must select one course from each of the six groups. IB Certificate candidates may select only those subjects of personal interest.

Group 1. Language A (English: Lang & Lit)
Group 2. Language B Second Language
Group 3. Individuals and Societies (History)
Group 4. Experimental Sciences
Group 5. Mathematics and Computer Science
Group 6. The Arts (Electives)

Student Goals:
The IB program prepares students for a series of IB exams. The goal for an IBO Diploma student is to pass all 6 exams with a total minimum score of 24 with no failing conditions and thereby earn the coveted IB Diploma. The IB Diploma is the student's "ticket" to otherwise unavailable post-secondary options.

I.C.A.P. Program

The International College Advancement Program (ICAP) is a rigorous, college preparatory program for freshman and sophomore students. It is intended to prepare students who plan to pursue our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in their junior and senior years. This curriculum has an international flavor that emphasizes critical thinking, analysis and skillful written communication. It also exposes the student to intercultural similarities and differences and fosters an understanding and appreciation for both. We offer English I ICAP in the 9th grade and English II ICAP, Modern European History ICAP, Spanish 2/3 ICAP and French 2/3 ICAP in the 10th grade.

The ideal ICAP/IB Student is academically motivated and strives meet the IB Learner Profile:

1. Inquirers: Develop natural curiosity, acquire skills to conduct inquiry, enjoy learning
2. Knowledgeable: Explore ideas and issues, acquire knowledge across a broad range of subjects
3. Thinkers: Exercise initiative in critical thinking and problem solving, ability to make reasoned, ethical decisions
4. Communicators: Understand and express ideas and information with confidence and creativity
5. Principled: Act with integrity and honesty, respect for others, take responsibility for their actions
6. Open-minded: Understand their own culture, histories, values and traditions and have an appreciation for other cultures as well

Caring: Show empathy, compassion and respect for others. Personal commitment to service

8. Risk-takers: Approach unfamiliar situations with courage and forethought
9. Balanced: Understand the importance of intellectual, physical and emotional well-being
10. Reflective: Give thoughtful consideration to learning and experience and to assess personal areas of strength and limitation



Grade Level Meetings

Because there is so much information parents and students need to have as they embark on each level of high school education, the I.B. Diploma Coordinator and the College and Career Advisor will be holding joint grade level information meetings. It is very important for parents and students to attend the appropriate meeting so you will know how to navigate the school year. All students interetsed in attending a four year university and/or taking one or more ICAP/IB classes should attend with their parents/guardians.

A meeting in Spanish will be held at 6:00pm in the College Career Center #115 for Spanish-speaking parents/guardians. All students should attend the meeting in English.

All English meetings will be from 6:00- 7:30 p.m. in Carrington Hall. The schedule of meetings for the 2015-2016 school year is as follows:

Wednesday, September 2, 2015: Senior Meeting

Wednesday, September 9, 2015: Junior Meeting

Wednesday, October 7 , 2015: Sophomore Meeting

Wednesday, October 21 , 2015: Freshman Meeting

Location: Carrington Hall English Meeting.

Location: College Career Center Spanish Meeting.

IB PowerPoint Presentations
Sequoia High School IB Course Offerings

Here are the IB courses Sequoia offers organized by IB's six subject areas. A full Diploma student must have one course from each subject area with a minimum of three at the HL level. Click on the link below to view.

"Sample" Course of Study

For a student to pursue the IB Diploma the student must:

  • Take one IB course from each of the following six subject groups
  • Take at least 3 IB HL courses and 3 IB SL courses
  • Complete the TOK course
  • Complete CAS
  • Complete the Extended Essay

* Order of courses may vary based on student's Individual Education Plan. Please contact your student's guidance advisor regarding questions.

IB Exam Fees

IB exam fees for the May 2016 testing date are listed below. There is a one time registration fee of $166.00. If this fee was payed last year, you will not pay again. Each exam is $113.00. Exam fees subject to increase each testing year.

TOK, CAS, EE fees for Diploma Course (Certificate/ non-Diploma) students:

TOK= $43.00

CAS = $10.00

EE = $87.00

IB Diploma students not subject to separate TOK, CAS and EE fees.

Students qualifying for free/reduced lunch are elgible for scholarship.

Inclusive Assessment Arrangements

If a students has been receiving and utilizing accommodations throughout high school, they may apply for IB testing accommodations. Testing accommodations must be officially requested from IB following IB regulations. The final decision granting accommodations is solely up to the IB organization. In order to request testing accommodations for IB exams (referred to as inclusive assessment arrangements), students and families must submit the folllowing items to the IB Coordinator:

  1. A psychological/ psycho-educational/ medical report. This report must meet the following criteria and include:

    • Written by a licensed professional who is qualified to evaluate and diagnose

    • A diagnosis

    • The test or techniques used to arrive at this diagnosis

    • Testing accommodation request(s). This must match the accommodations given to the student in their 504 or I.E.P. Plan.

    • Based on nationally standardized psychological tests with report results as standard scores (mean of 100 and standard deviation of 15) if it is a psychological/psycho-educational report

  2. Educational evidence (an I.E.P or 504 in place prior to the testing year and showing the requested accommodations have been in use as the student's usual way of particpating in classroom activities and tests.)

  3. The IB Application for Special Needs Assessment form completed by the licsenced professional in a signed and sealed envelope

  4. Parent/guradian written permission (in email or hard copy) allowing Sequoia to share this information with IB.

These items must be submitted to the IB Coordinator in the IB Office no later than October 27th for the May 2015 exam session. This is a firm deadline and no extensions are granted as Sequoia must adhere to IB deadlines.

Sequoia IB Statistics

*Data taken from Infinite Campus. Race reported by Parents/ guardians.

As of 15-16, all other data taken from IBIS (IB). Race and FRL student reported.

IB Diploma Specific Results

I.B. University Acceptance

Major universities worldwide recognize the International Baccalaureate Diploma. They reward students in the admissions process for the hard work already accomplished. There are more than 700 Universities in the United States and more than 60 in California that Recognize the IB Diploma.

Each college or university in the United States sets its own IB recognition policies. Interested students must make direct contact with the college or university to find out the current policies.

Visit the IBO database for more information: www.ibo.org or visit the website for the university you are interested in.

College Selections, Class of 2014

Our IB students are admitted to many colleges and universities. This list only represents the institutions they have committed to attend as reported to us in May 2014.

Bates College; Berklee College of Music; Boston College; Bradley University; Brown University; Cabrillo College; California Polytechnic State University - San Luis Obispo; CSU - Chico; CSU - East Bay; CSU - Fresno; CSU - Long Beach; CSU - Monterey Bay; CSU - Northridge; Canada College; Carleton College; Carnegie Mellon University; Carroll College - Montana; Chabot College; Chapman University; College of San Mateo; Columbia College - Chicago; Columbia University School of General Studies; Cornell University; De Anza College; DePaul University; Dickinson College; Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising- L.A.; Foothill College; George Washington University; Georgetown University; Gonzaga University; Humboldt State University; Linfield College - Portland; Loyola Marymount University; Macalester College; Manhattanville College; McGill University; Menlo College; Michigan Technological University; Modesto Junior College; Montana State University Bozeman; Notre Dame de Namur University; Ohio State University; Orange Coast College; Oregon State University; Pacific Lutheran University; Pepperdine University; Pomona College; Purdue University - West Lafayette; Reed College; Rochester Institute of Technology; SUNY - College of Environmental Science & Forestry; Saint Mary's College of California; San Diego State University; San Francisco State University; San Jose State University; Santa Clara University; Sierra College; Skyline College; Smith College; Sonoma State University; Stanford University; Tufts University; University of Arizona - Tucson; University of British Columbia; University of California - Berkeley; University of California - Davis; University of California - Los Angeles; University of California - Merced; University of California - Riverside; University of California - San Diego; University of California - Santa Cruz; University of Colorado at Boulder; University of Hawaii - Manoa; University of La Verne; University of Michigan - Ann Arbor; University of Oregon - Eugene; University of Portland; University of Puget Sound; University of Redlands; University of San Francisco; University of South Carolina - Columbia; University of Southern California; University of Washington - Seattle; University of York- United Kingdom; University of the Pacific; Washington State University - Pullman; Washington State University - Vancouver; Yale University


College Selections, IB Class of 2015

Our IB students are admitted to many colleges and universities. This list only represents the institutions they have committed to attend as reported to us in May 2015.

Arizona State UniversityAzusa Pacific University
Brandeis UniversityCal Poly PomonaCalifornia Polytechnic State University - San Luis ObispoCSU - BakersfieldCSU - ChicoCSU - East BayCSU - Long BeachCSU - Monterey BayCSU - SacramentoCSU - San BernardinoCanada CollegeChapman UniversityCity College of San FranciscoColgate UniversityCollege of San MateoColorado CollegeColorado State UniversityCuesta CollegeDe Anza CollegeDickinson CollegeEmbry-Riddle Aeronautical University-Daytona BeachFoothill CollegeGonzaga UniversityHumboldt State UniversityIndiana University - BloomingtonNew York University Northern Arizona UniversityNorthwestern UniversityNotre Dame de Namur UniversityOccidental CollegePace University- Lubin School of BusinessPepperdine UniversityPomona CollegeRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSaint Mary's College of CaliforniaSan Diego State UniversitySan Francisco State University San Jose City College San Jose State UniversitySanta Monica CollegeScripps CollegeSonoma State UniversitySouthern Illinois University - Edwardsville Spelman CollegeSt. Francis CollegeStanford UniversityTexas Christian UniversityTufts University Tulane UniversityUniversity of Arizona - Tucson University of British ColumbiaUC - BerkeleyUC - DavisUC - IrvineUC - Los AngelesUC - MercedUC - RiversideUC - San DiegoUC - Santa BarbaraUC - Santa Cruz University of Colorado at BoulderUniversity of La VerneUniversity of MiamiUniversity of Michigan - Ann ArborUniversity of Nevada - RenoUniversity of Oregon - EugeneUniversity of Puget Sound University of San Francisco University of VirginiaUniversity of Washington - Seattle University of Wisconsin - Madison University of the PacificWashington State University - Pullman Wellesley CollegeWesleyan University - MiddletownWestern Oregon UniversityWillamette UniversityXavier University of Louisiana



UC/CSU/CA College Application Guide

Dear I.B. Students (and parents):

As you begin the UC/CSU/Common App application process, you will need to complete the testing information for IB. I have provided a guide below to help you. This information applies specifically to the 2015-2016 school year and will be updated each year. If you have any questions, please see Ms.McCahon.


Group 1 - Language A1:

  • Exam Name: IB English A Language & Literature
  • Course Level: Higher Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB English HL-HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: IB English A Langauge & Literature
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: English IB SL-HP
  • The SL English level course is for Health Academy students only
  • Test Date: May, 2016

Group 2 - Second Language B:

  • Exam Name: Spanish B
  • Course Level: Higher Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Spanish B-HL Y5-HP
  • Test Date: May,2016
  • Exam Name: Spanish B
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Spanish-SL Y5-HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: French B
  • Course Level:Higher Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB French B Y5- HP or IB French B Y4
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: French B
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB French B Y5- HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016

Group 3 - Individuals and Society:

  • Exam Name: IB History of the Americas
  • Course Level: Higher Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB 20th Cen Top- HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: IB Psychology
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Psychology SL - HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: IB Information Technology in a Global Society (ITGS)
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB ITGS - HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016

Group 4: Experimental Sciences:

  • Exam Name: IB Environ. Systems and Societies
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Env. Systems - SL - HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: IB Physics
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Physics - SL - HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: IB Biology
  • Course Level: Higher Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: Biology IB - Y2- HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016

Group 5 - Mathematics and Computer Science:

  • Exam Name: IB Math HL
  • Course Level: Higher Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Math HL Y2 - HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: IB Math SL
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: AP/IB Calc - HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name: IB Math Studies
  • Course Level: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Math Studies-HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016

Group 6 - Arts:

  • Exam Name: IB Visual Arts
  • Course Level: Higher Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Visual Arts Y2 - HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016
  • Exam Name:IB Visual Arts
  • Course Leve: Standard Level
  • Sequoia Course Title: IB Visual Arts Y2 - HP
  • Test Date: May, 2016

EE stands for Extended Essay

IB Reference Documents & Websites
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