Welcome to Sequoia High School

Dream Club's 5th Student Conference Feb. 25th 9am - 3pm
Sequoia High School will provide a stimulating and caring community that encourages respect for diversity and promotes academic and vocational excellence through creative and critical thinking as well as appreciation of the arts. A Sequoia education develops responsibility, communication skills, self-esteem and self-direction, and promotes educational success and lifelong learning for all students.
  1. All students will increase their academic performance
  2. All students will improve their writing
  3. All students will improve their mathematical reasoning skills
Date: Friday, March 10th, 3:45 PM
Where:  Check in at Gym 3, auditions will be held in the Dance Studio
Attire: dancewear (no jeans), dance shoes optional

Please learn the three dance combinations on YouTube (Jazz, Hip-hop and Lyrical) 

Dancers will also need to demonstrate Battements, Pirouettes and Jetes across the floor (see sample videos on the YouTube audition playlist).

The week of March 6th, there will be open studio at lunch for current Sequoia students.

Video submissions will be accepted.  Please contact Mrs. Taylor White for more information, twhite@seq.org
Taylor White
Dance Teacher
Sequoia High School